10 Questions to Ask a Custom Website Developer

Custom Website Developer
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Your website serves as the gateway to your brand if the eyes are the window to the soul. The website is frequently a person’s initial point of contact with your business. Users typically stay on websites for 59 seconds on average, according to studies, so you had better provide a solid first impression in that little time.

How do you make sure you have a fantastic website that highlights your unique selling point while addressing your target audience in detail? Starting everything off is your Custom Website Developer. But how do you choose a developer when there are practically hundreds of them fighting for your time (and money)? We’ve simplified it.

Important Inquiries to Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring

1. How Many Websites Have You Created So Far?

Experience, like so many other things, is everything. Consider your first time trying to drive a manual shift or swing a golf club. Was everything perfect? Most likely not. Make sure your Custom Website Developer has years of expertise if you want a custom website designed and developed. You want your new website to be a masterpiece, not a test run, after all.

2. What Platform Will Be Used to Create the Website?

Wix, Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. There are several popular web platforms. The web platform is essentially the framework around which the rest of your website will be constructed. You should inquire not just about which one yours will be constructed on but also the justification for it because each has advantages and disadvantages.

3. What Research Do You Conduct Before You Begin Designing the Website?

This query will genuinely distinguish amateurs from professionals. The best developers make sure they are developing the correct site, unlike many others who will just jump in and start building any site. In order to reflect your brand, this study should start by identifying your distinct market positioning and target market. These are all necessary for creating a good website:

  • What are your objectives?
  • How can you best appeal to your intended audience?
  • And what distinguishes your particular brand?

4. How Will You Ensure That the Website Is Seo-Friendly?

Optimization for search engines, sometimes known as SEO, is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility in search results when specific keywords are typed into Google (or another search engine). Developers that say this only occurs once the site is finished should be avoided. You obviously have the best and most efficient SEO in mind while developing your site. Too often, entire websites are built without search engine optimization, and the development business subsequently charges exorbitant rates to provide this feature.

5. In What Field Do You Specialize?

Nobody is an all-around specialist. And for good cause. You’ll never be better than mediocre at anything if you attempt to be good at everything. Ask questions of your prospective web Custom Website Developer to learn more about their areas of expertise. Perhaps it’s huge online retailers. Or perhaps they are specialists in specialty shops. Each web developer will specialize in a certain field. Make sure your Custom Website Developer will be a good fit for your company.

6. How Involved Will I Be?

How much engagement I want to have is maybe the second aspect of this topic. Do you desire to participate in the entire process? Or would you rather give along your instructions and command someone to “take it away”? Making sure your wants are satisfied is the crucial component of this question. Make sure it is explicitly agreed upon upfront if you anticipate giving permission and making modifications along the route.

7. Can You Totally Alter the Website?

This one again depends on your own preferences and requirements. However, you must be clear up front if you anticipate being able to edit text, banners, photos, and other elements without having any coding knowledge. What will be finalized, what can you modify, and what will you have to hire someone to alter?

8. How Long Does the Procedure Take to Construct a Website?

It takes time to create a good website. It is not a procedure that needs to be hurried. It’s crucial to comprehend the timing, though. You should probably reconsider your expectations if you’re hoping to have a fantastic website developed and published in two weeks. However, the lead times for various web development businesses might vary greatly, from a month or two to a year. Although a lot of this will also rely on your own needs, you should be aware of this before writing a check.

9. How Much Do You Think It Will Eventually Set You Back?

Contrary to what some may have you think, websites do not adhere to the If you have to ask… maxim. Finding the lowest is not something we recommend, as it typically results in higher prices. Website development should not be a never-ending financial drain even though it is an investment. Before starting, a Custom Website Developer will be able to explain your expenditures and work with you to make sure they fit within your budget.

10. What Examples Can You Provide? Can I Chat with Your Customers?

The most frequent indicator of future success is past performance. Don’t just believe a Custom Website Developer when they say anything. A request for work samples is appropriate. Request to chat with their recent and past clientele. A professional developer will be glad to provide you with these details.

Building a new website is an exciting but sometimes difficult task. The success or failure of the development of your new website will largely depend on your Custom Website Developer. Making the initial investment of effort will pay off with a high-quality website in the end.

Considering creating a new website? TheCustomWebsites is eager to collaborate with you. We have created websites for thousands of businesses over the past few years. (We’ll even begin by responding to these inquiries.) Call us at (213) 416-7355.

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