5 Best Snack Boxes You Can Gift To Your Friends 

Nothing expresses affection and friendship more than a shared meal. For snack enthusiasts and meal aficionados, receiving an excellent snack box can be one of the most exhilarating moments of their days. Even people not conversant with gourmet tastes and curated meals enjoy having a snack now and then. If you want to share your friendship and affection with the people you hold dear, consider delivering a snack box to their doorstep.  

While making a snack box yourself can be a perfect way to show that the gift comes from a personal place, choosing a subscription service to curate the snack boxes for you takes the gift a notch higher. A snack subscription box saves time and cost while regularly presenting you with excellent snacks. Here are the five best snack boxes you can gift to your friends. 

1. Carnivore Club Snack Box 

Choosing a snack box can be a tough decision to make. However, the team at Carnivore Club attempts to make this process simple and fulfilling to ensure that the snack box you send to your friends gives them the satisfaction they desire.  

Carnivore Club are intended to supply you with an excellent selection of exotic and tasteful cuts any charcuterie enthusiast will enjoy. Each box comes with 4 to 6 handcrafted cured meat, including jerky, meat sticks, biltong, and many more tasteful options to try out. You can even opt for the add-on, which includes an exotic Jerky Bouquet worth $59.99.  

The subscription service provided at Carnivore Club falls into five categories depending on how many options of gifts you want to send to your friend. If you only want to send a single one-off gift, then the one-month option will be good for you. However, consider getting the 12-month subscription and have your friends receive expert cuts for a whole year.  

Besides Snack Box, Carnivore Club also offers Jery Club, Classic Box, and Complete Box. You can get a subscription for as low as $19.99.  

2. Vegancuts Snack Box 

If your friends are vegan and enjoy only plant-based products, why not get them a vegan snack subscription box to spice up their diet?  

Being vegan does not have to mean restricting your friends to only a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. With this snack box, your friends can explore their range of tasty snacks while adhering to their dietary restrictions. 

With the Vegancuts Snack Box, you can have GMO-free organic snacks delivered to your friends in the comfort of their homes, allowing them to enjoy their days to the fullest. The subscription service provides options, including teas, pantry essentials, and day-to-day snacks. With expert service from the team at Vegancuts, you do not need to customize the snack box. They will do everything for you and curate the perfect combination that will leave you and your friends yearning for more. 

3. The Candy Club 

Do your friends enjoy sweets, candy, and chocolate regularly? Of course, they do!  

The Candy Club is a fantastic snack box tailored to provide an adequate supply of sweets and candy, keeping you well-stocked for your next staycation or candy party. With this snack box, your friends will enjoy all the candy they want without waiting in line at the store, avoiding the judging glares from those without a carefree spirit. 

The Candy Club has two options: the Fun Box, which is intended for one person, and the Party Box. The Fun Box has only six candies, while the Party Box provides 13 monthly. While you do not have the liberty to restrict their selection to only sweet candy or sour candy, the options they provide every month will always satisfy your sweet tooth. 

4. The Keto Krate 

If your friends have recently started a Keto diet, then you know that they would enjoy receiving a snack box specific to the diet they are taking. Starting a keto diet can be a tough experience, especially if you do not know where to find the right snacks.  

Luckily, the Keto Krate makes everything simpler for the ketogenic person by curating sweet and savory snacks that will keep them nourished and healthy at all times. 

5. Fit Snacks Box 

In many places, people think snacking is unhealthy and likely to lead to weight gain and poor health. But don’t you think it’s about time we stopped considering snacking an unhealthy habit? The Fit Snacks snack box is an excellent example of how snacking can be healthy and advantageous.  

This snack box has a combination of savory and healthy snacks likely to help improve your diet, all while being tasty. This snack box also has an elaborate workout schedule that will help improve your health and fitness. Gifting your friends this snack box will definitely be a good idea.

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Parting Shot 

Getting your friends a snack box gift not only shows that you care for them but that you also value their friendship. Snacks are always fun to have. With the options above, you can provide gifts to your friends that meet all their snacking and dietary needs. Whether they like eating healthy food, sweets, and candy, a vegan diet, a keto diet, or want to expand their palate with international options, there is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Order your snack box now!