6 Things You Didn’t Know About Essays Writing


One of the most important factors in determining the caliber of your English proficiency, along with reading, speaking, and listening abilities in writing. Despite having adequate grammar and vocabulary, many people struggle to write English essays. The issue is that they lack the skills necessary to effectively communicate their thoughts.

In actuality, essay writing in English is not as challenging as many people believe. There is no right or incorrect response when it comes to English essays, so keep that in mind! The examiner wants to see that you can voice your own perspective and provide a compelling justification for it.

If you have trouble writing in English, Learn English Fun Way will demonstrate in this article the essential techniques for doing so. Remember these suggestions, and your writing style may alter for the better.

Always start with the end in mind.

Your work will have direction as a result. affordable Essay writing services without this are like riding a horse that gallops directly to your goal vs rambling about aimlessly without a map. Yes, it will take a lot longer, but you might ultimately find your path. Know your destination and let the reader know it right away.

Make a logical framework

The first and most important step in writing an English essay is to define a framework. When you are unsure of what will go in the essay’s body or at the conclusion, you shouldn’t start writing the introduction right away. First, consider the key arguments you want to discuss and jot them down, along with the citations that support each one. A superb article will be logical and cohesive without using absurd justifications.

Give an attractive title

Avoid using the same title for your essay as everyone else in your class. For instance, 90% of your students would likely title their essays “The Causes of World War 2” if yours is about the causes of World War 2. However, you’re more creative than that, so show it. You might, for example, utilise a pertinent quote related to your subject or develop an intriguing graphic to draw the reader in.

Try to convince the reader

The essay’s body should receive extra attention from the reader. You should break up the topic into primary points and the body into distinct paragraphs while writing an essay. This will make it simple for you to evaluate each thesis and simple for the readers to pay attention to your thoughts. avoiding the argument that one thesis is still open after moving on to another. The readers will get the impression that the issue wasn’t fully resolved as a result.

The key to keeping the essay “in a straight line” with the main topic is to bring up the issue or question posed regularly. You should consider if what you have just said is pertinent to the topic at the conclusion of each paragraph.

With a hook, open

You’ve come up with a catchy title; what now? Ideally, your opening sentence should be just as strong. One of the best introductions is a question.

A quotation.

– A strong or contentious claim that you’ll try to support or disprove.

– A statistic or piece of information that grabs your attention.

Tale: A good starting anecdote will be pertinent, captivating, and informative. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s writing for inspiration; he’s an expert at exploiting them.

Do proofreading

For an essay, proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are crucial. Expression turns into a “horror” subject for students at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences at the Besancon University of Science and Technology in France since the instructor is ready to dock 0.5 points for a misspelled word. Students in the department frequently cite an instance in which a student lost 20 points for having too many spelling errors in their essay.

The only “treatment” for this problem is to routinely practice writing. It is important to read the essay several times and have someone else read it since problems are sometimes simpler to see when they are pointed out by someone other than the author.

Even most of the cheap essay writing services suggest everyone should proofread their essay atleast for once.

Finish strong.

Ever seen a great movie with a terrible climax? Did it not ruin the entire movie for you? Exactly. Avoid doing the same with the essay you labored on for hours. Linking back to your starting statement is an effective way to conclude a sentence.

– Locating a quote that best expresses your viewpoint.

– Including a strong picture in the conclusion.

– Posing one last query (which can be rhetorical).

Always keep in mind that you are taking the reader on a journey with your essay. Make it as delightful as you can so that when they get there, they’ll feel like it was all worth it.

The following guidance should be kept in mind when writing an English essay.

Start off early. Give yourself plenty of time to consider your writing and discussion topics. Your English professors will be able to tell which of your essays you wrote in only two days and which you prepared a week earlier.

Therefore, do not procrastinate starting your writing till the deadline because you erroneously believe that 2000 words is not challenging work. Try to set a target for yourself, like 500 words per day. By doing this, you may lessen your stress level and have more time to consider your options before beginning to write.

You should study the resources offered by your English professors first before creating an outline to assist arrange your important ideas. If you can demonstrate that you have studied the pertinent materials and understand how to apply the evidence, your essay will receive bonus points.

To make your essay more captivating and engaging, you should also cite additional online resources. You can build up your knowledge and improve your writing skills by using reference websites like Voices of Youth (which offers multiple perspectives on the world’s most pressing issues), Google Scholar, Online Writing Lab, Ielts Simon Writing Task 2, etc. These websites will help you learn new things and improve your knowledge.