8 Secrets About the Table Mountains

8 secrets about the Table Mountains are

1. They are much older than the Great Himalayas in South Asia, The Rocky Mountains in North America, The Andes in South America and The Alps in Europe. Most of the visitors hardly know this factor are misinterpreted about the age of these great old structures.

2. It is believed that about 250 million years ago, Africa was the center of Pangaea, a subcontinent. Later, when Pangaea fragmented into two parts, it went on splitting further till Africa became standalone continent about 100 million years ago. When the Earth’s plates were shifting, they resisted folding as they have strong granite base beneath. They are deflecting forces downwards and as a result, they are slowly rising since then.

3. In the year 1754, a French astronomer, named a constellation Mensa that came from Mons Mensae originally. Mons Mensae means the Table Mountains in Latin. Thus, they are an only terrestrial structure that has a constellation named after it.

4. Yes, at least two marriages take place each month, owing to the breathtaking scenes and naturally vibrant background. It is an undisputable most photographed site in the world.

5. They are home to highly endemic, fauna and flora. There is a unique ecosystem in its slopes. Many animals, like it Ghost frog, are found nowhere else on the earth but just on these iconic structures.

6. they have a great history that can be known with half an hour free guided walk on the top. These are professional guides who clears many unknown facts about the Table mountains to the visitors and that too free of cost.

7. These iconic rocky crevices easily reflect huge creatures like a local dassie, or guinea pig and even reflect being nephews of elephants with small tasks and flat foot and nails.

8. From it, the visitors can have a breathtaking view of beaches like Camps Bay, Clifton beach, and even Blouberg beach. These sandy stretch of beaches and windy atmosphere, adds to the magical scenery from the top of the Table Mountains.

Apart from thousands of other visitors, to these giant structures each year, there have a lot of world-famous figures like Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI, Prince Andre, Steffi Graf and so many more who have visited this landmark. Also, Cape Town has been regarded as one of the world friendliest city. The resident and the authorities have a welcoming attitude towards tourist and also provide the services by going an extra mile. There is free My Citi Shuttle, Table Mountain Cableway apart from Cape Town Red Bus service to provide the tourist with all means of comfortable experience in case they are visiting the Table Mountains.For best trekking to table mountains in South Africa, visit Hike Addicts