A Terrifying Dream Or The Call Of Love

For challenging work in the Navy, I decided to leave my beautiful Celine at home with a caregiver, Tim. Like every loving couple, we had many aspirations. But when the police listed Celine as a missing person, all my aspirations disappeared in the air and left their trail of sadness and despair. I felt deceived and betrayed. Time could not erase my pain. Persistent disease in my body weakened me every day. While closing my eyes I started dreaming. The dream took me to walk stealthily on a road to an old silent house.

The first floor looked dusty with few Croton and orchids planted in broken pots. While climbing the stairs, I felt someone rushed. ‘Sinister’, I thought. Upon arriving on the second floor I saw a small reception table and an old man sitting in a chair. He turned his head and looked at me directly. He coughed and asked me if I needed a guest room. Assenti. He looked in a record and made me make a firm, gave me the keys. I walked forward.

The house seemed old but familiar, the ticking of the watch just over my head made me feel unpleasant and cold. At the end of the night, restlessness increased. I found the stairs to the terrace. It was a dark and gloomy night. Something relieved me to the fireplace. Suddenly, I saw that the fireplace flew and a pair of scheduled and bruised female legs appeared. The darkness was great, I tension my eyes.

I could see a family female face, but it was a lot of pain that I could barely recognize it. “She is trapped inside the fireplace,” I panicked and hurried to help her, but she disappeared. With my accelerated heart, I woke up trembling and terrified. Fear grabbed my throat. Dismayed, I wanted to shout but I couldn’t. It is difficult to know if it was a dream or a vision. Pursing my knees I picked up for her. Celine did not betray me, she died a brutal death.

Without wasting my time, I went to Cape Town. Upon arriving in Cabo, I was able to discover how Tim tear it so that it satiated with sex, lust and pleasure. Trying to escape his prison, he was trapped in the fireplace and Tim made no effort to rescue her. Our beautiful house had become a guest house. His evil cannot be described in words. Tim was arrested.

I am angust to realize that, although in the bleak hug of death, she loves me a lot. I will never leave my beautiful Celine in alone. Sitting in my wooden rocking chair, I look at the darkness deeply. Desperate when my wooden rocks faster, their sobs become stronger.

Impatiently, I hope you break another day. I still love the song of the birds, the buzzing of the bees, the fragrant flowers and the sun rays that kiss my cheeks. Nature is beautiful and also life.


This article highlights how the parallel universe with a difference in time and space exists of which most of us are oblivious. This intriguing love and agony story will make you aware of the power and anguish of some angels in the kingdom of the spirit. The author considers how dreams can make people aware of some hidden truths that would otherwise have remained a mystery and reflect whether the kingdom of the spirit can connect with living dreams. Scripture transmits the message to go to nature, be calm and cured. Leave aside frustration, guilt and despair. Life is Beautiful.