A Wagon of Love – AND – Prairie Wolf – AND – Still and Silent I Lay – AND – The Mist in the Hollow

A love car

Oh, what does the winter snow section bring?

Two adjusted puppies in a red and green box

In an old cars of children of rusty children

They are gifts to greet this Christmas again

Young puppies look for snow

To the house where the windows shine

Over there, a girl and a boy

Wait for a promised gift for loving joy

His treasure is adorned with a great red arch

The same used a Christmas, a long time ago

When parents love their children they gave

Two rescued puppies, whose lives had saved

Gifts like these, life and love gifts

They are like those who gave us, from the previous creator

In that first Christmas he was born at night

A given gift: a child who would show us the light

What treasure will you wait for Christmas day?

What gift from God for you, in the snow lay?

~* Kathy Pippig



There is a creature living

In the hills and the field.

Of strangers is cautious

The unknown can hide.

Although his kingdom becomes smaller and smaller,

He still patrols it with pride,

‘Neath the bright moon, padding gently

With his shadow by his side.

When the sun is immersed in twilight

The wolf of the meadow gives voice,

Through darkness to the night sky,

where silver stars shine.

~* Kathy Pippig

Even and silent I went to bed

While my body, still and silent, lay,

I see you crying and listening to pray.

But I’m not there

While my neck and face tenderly cradles.

Your tears still falling

Even after leaving your hug.

Know that I am now in another splendid place.

I am no longer tired or masturbated with pain.

I am in a meadow on a plain calmed by the sun.

There are hills, flowers, rivers and joys covered with grass.

Bright nights illuminated by the stars and beautiful bright days of the sun.

I am on the bridge to run and play.

And until you one, it is here that I will stay.

I loved you then, I love you now.

Although I live here, I will visit you from time to time.

You will feel close and you will ask yourself how

I am doing it since I came to the bridge.

Well, I’m doing it as good as it can be,

And my love for you shines for eternity.

I will see you when it is the right time.

Then, please kisses my face and shelter me loudly.

And join me on our heavenly flight.

We will be together,

Our love the link that frees us.

His beloved Furbin (member of the furry family).

~* Kathy Pippig

The fog in the hole

On a fresh autumn morning

When the fog fills the Glen

and the sun paints the red amber sky,

Fey’s dance in the forest.

In a gllen ‘in the middle of the dew -covered grass

It is found to a man who uses pictures

And his pipes are the song of the wind,

Listened to the ray of a dream.

The cold of wrinkles is the Brume

since it flows with the sad notes’ chorus

of the melody of the pipe.

The wrinkled cold is the breeze

that weaves through trees

and on the fog in the hole.