Alternative Treatments For Male Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of alternative treatments available to men with erectile dysfunction. These include dietary changes, exercise, and penile prostheses. Many of these methods may be safe and effective. While there is still limited evidence to support their use, they are an attractive alternative treatment option. If you want to take and have a healthy sexual relationship, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

Hormonal imbalance

One of the leading causes of male erectile dysfunction is a hormonal imbalance. This is caused by a decrease in testosterone in the body and can impair erectile function. One of the most effective ways to correct this is with hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is easy to manage and provides long-lasting results.

A highly trained medical professional will perform a comprehensive health history to determine if you’re at risk for hormonal imbalance. If so, this therapy may be an excellent option for your situation. While it doesn’t cure ED, hormone therapy can help mitigate the symptoms and return you to full sexual function.

Using hormone therapy can be a safe and effective alternative treatment for male erectile dysfunction. It can be customized to your specific needs and delivered directly to your door. Often, your hormone provider will also recommend lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Additionally, he may recommend supplements and a heart healthy diet and exercise plan. Your provider will work closely with you to ensure that you’re achieving your goals.

A medical doctor may prescribe bioidentical hormones, which can correct the imbalance in the hormones that control testosterone. These can increase the amount of testosterone in the body, which can increase erectile function. But these drugs are only temporary fixes. Some men find that they’re unable to erect, and are forced to take medication.

Other treatments for male erectile dysfunction include stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma, which can help relieve symptoms. BHRT treatments often have minimal side effects and can improve sexual performance within a few weeks. Another treatment that is gaining popularity is low-intensity shock wave therapy, which helps break up scar tissue and encourage new growth.


Exercise is an excellent alternative treatment for male erectile dysfunction. It improves cardiovascular health, which is directly related to the strength of an erection. However, exercise alone may not be enough to solve the problem. You need to work with your doctor to develop a plan that suits your needs.

Regular physical exercise is associated with improved erectile function in hypogonadal men. But, while there are no proven exercises that will directly improve erections, it does have many benefits. Among them: it reduces stress, helps reduce obesity and improves blood flow. If you have problems with stress, it may be a cause of your male erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may suggest counseling to help you deal with these issues.

Regular exercise increases the amount of testosterone in the body, a hormone crucial to erectile function. Even 5 minutes of moderate exercise each day can improve erection control. In addition, ED sufferers must avoid eating too much processed food. Studies show that men who consume large amounts of processed and junk food increase their risk of ED.

Exercise is also effective as a natural alternative treatment for male erectile dysfunction. A popular exercise program involves doing kegel exercises, which are known to improve sexual stamina. In a recent 12-week study, kegel exercises improved the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time in 82.5% of men with premature ejaculation. Additionally, 39% of the patients continued to improve after 6 months.

Kegel exercises also improve sexual performance and strengthen the pelvic floor, which is crucial to erections. These exercises target the bulbocavernosus muscle, which helps the penis fill with blood during an erection. The muscle also pumps blood during ejaculation. If performed regularly, kegel exercises can improve erections and help prevent urinary problems.


ED, also known as impotence, is a common condition for older men. In the US alone, around 18 million men experience ED. This disease burden is expected to rise as the population grows older. There are several treatments available, including medications and lifestyle changes. However, these methods are not always effective.

In order to increase the chances of having an erection, a man should start exercising regularly. Studies show that aerobic exercise is associated with improved sexual performance. In addition, regular physical activity encourages weight loss and maintains a healthy body weight. The underlying causes of ED must also be identified and treated.

The underlying cause of male erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow to the penis. Blood vessels secrete nitric oxide to increase blood flow to the penis. However, when blood vessels are diseased, they lose their ability to secrete nitric oxide. Fortunately, polyphenols are effective antioxidants and increase nitric oxide levels.

Men can also improve the blood flow to the penis by following a heart-healthy diet. Erectile dysfunction is associated with various health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and atherosclerosis. In addition, many processed foods are known to contribute to these conditions. As a result, a heart-healthy diet can reduce the chances of ED. Furthermore, certain vitamins and amino acids have been shown to increase blood flow and improve penis strength.

Foods high in lycopene have been linked to improved sperm production. Additionally, eating tomatoes may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and improve overall sexual health. Other foods rich in lycopene include papaya and pink grapefruit. Avocados contain healthy fats that can improve blood flow.

Penile prosthesis

Penile implants are one of the most common, minimally invasive procedures used to treat erectile dysfunction. The procedure uses a flexible or inflatable rod that is placed into the penis. A pump is also placed in the scrotum to inflate the penile rod. The procedure is typically reserved for men with erectile dysfunction.

A penile prosthesis is a mechanical device that is implanted into the penis to mimic the penile organ, and is one of the best options available to treat male erectile dysfunction. Its advantages include avoiding medications and restoring erection-like function. This type of implant is not harmful to penile sensation or orgasmic function, so it is a natural option for men with erectile dysfunction.

Several studies have studied penile prosthesis complications. A systematic review published in 2020 identified 14 case reports and case series, as well as two retrospective cohort studies. The authors found that the rates of infection were similar in first and replacement implants. The rate of infection was similar in both groups, but higher for replacement procedures.

Penile prosthesis surgery is a good option for men who have tried oral therapy or other conservative methods. This procedure is also recommended for those who do not want to continue injection therapy. In addition to being a good alternative treatment, penile prosthesis surgery is often covered by insurance if the problem is medical in nature. Medicaid and Medicare may cover the surgery.

Penile prosthesis surgery is a surgical procedure that involves anesthesia and recovery time of four to six weeks. After the surgery, men can resume normal activities. Some men can return to work the next day, but others may need additional monitoring. Once they recover, they can resume sexual activity. However, the penile prosthesis will eventually wear out and require replacement.

Low-energy shock wave therapy

Low-energy shock wave therapy (LESWT) is a noninvasive treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). This treatment uses a small blow dryer and a low-energy shock wave to improve blood flow to the penis. It is typically performed over several weeks to see the best results. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes. It can be repeated as needed.

Low-energy shock wave therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. The treatment has a high success rate in improving penile response to stimulation of the cavernous nerve. It has also been shown to enhance penile nerve regeneration and angiogenesis.

While drug therapy with PDE5 inhibitors is more effective for most men with erectile dysfunction, shock wave therapy offers a viable alternative for men who cannot tolerate PDE5 inhibitors. This minimally-invasive treatment can reduce symptoms of ED and sometimes even cure it. Patients should visit a urology specialist to find out whether low-energy shock wave therapy is right for them.

Several studies have demonstrated that LI-ESWT is safe and effective for treating ED. A meta-analysis of seven studies including 522 men found that the treatment improved men’s IIEF-EF and EHS scores statistically. This is an exciting development for the treatment of ED.

Shockwave therapy has been used for decades as a non-invasive treatment for orthopedic injuries and kidney stones. Recently, urologists have started using it to treat erectile dysfunction. The treatment is often recommended for patients who haven’t responded to other treatments or don’t want to undergo invasive procedures. However, it is still considered an experimental treatment, so there is no guarantee that it will be effective for every patient.

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