An Exhaustive Manual for the PTE Writing Section

PTE writing section

Since more than 3000 institutions throughout the world recognize the exam results, the PTE examination is highly popular. The PTE results are accepted by some of the most popular study-abroad countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Consequently, you can use your PTE results to apply for admission to these nations’ colleges. Every university has distinct PTE score criteria, therefore it’s crucial to be aware of this. Therefore, you should check your eligibility score in advance. You can find the PTE score criteria by visiting the university’s official website. To be admitted to the listed university, you must obtain the minimum necessary score in all modules whether it’s the PTE writing section or the PTE reading section. You can also visit the official PTE website to find out all you need to know about the nations that base admission decisions on PTE results.

Students should exercise caution when reading the questions in the PTE writing section. After carefully reading the questions, move on to the solution. Thus, there are two sections in the writing module. The first is composing an essay, while the second is summarising a written document. You can use the information and advice in this article to succeed in both of these areas. If you carefully adhere to these suggestions, you should be able to achieve a good grade on the writing portion of the exam. You should enroll in the top in Jalandhar if you struggle with writing and seek professional advice.

To learn more about the PTE Writing Section, keep reading this post.

The First Part

Write a summary of the text

The PTE writing section of the test causes a lot of students great anxiety. However, if you have a strong vocabulary and solid grammar skills, you can actually get exceptional grades. You will be able to obtain a respectable grade if you put in the necessary time and effort. So even if you struggle with vocabulary and grammatical concepts, you can still achieve a score of approximately 70. Let’s talk about the first PTE writing section, which is, to sum up, the material. You must thoroughly read a piece before summarising it in only a few words.

Relevant advice

Make sure to keep your response to 35–45 words maximum. Sentences shouldn’t be too long, please. See, a computer will check your document. Therefore, if your sentences are excessively long, the scoring algorithm may not appropriately assess them. Create a brief, simple sentences to make your point. You must also carefully punctuate your sentences. The first few words in a sentence are frequently overlooked by students. So be sure to use proper punctuation. You must pay close attention to the final sentence. It provides a synopsis of the text. We have now covered the introduction to the PTE writing section. Let’s go on to the next step, which is drafting an essay.

The Second Part

Writing a paper

Read on to learn more about the writing an essay portion of your PTE writing section. You basically have to compose a 200–300 word essay depending on the prompt in this portion. Usually, the prompt has two or three sentences. You must now be wondering how long the essay should be. Therefore, you only have 20 minutes to finish your essay. No further time will be given to you to attempt the essay. Sticking to the word limit is another important consideration. There will be a word count tool that displays the length of your essay at the bottom of your screen. The PTE essay must also be between 200 and 300 words long. Additionally, you will have cut, copy, and paste options to aid in precisely constructing your response. There shouldn’t be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the essay. Make your writing better by using fresh vocabulary to ace the PTE writing section.

How do you structure an essay?

Before you begin writing your essay, you should determine whether it will follow an opinion, problem-solution, pros-and-cons, etc. format. You will need to thoroughly read and grasp the provided promptly in order to comprehend this. Plan the organization and structure of your essay for at least two to three minutes. Let us offer you a sample format for your PTE essay.

  • Introduce the subject briefly in the first paragraph. The opening must be really captivating.
  • The second and third paragraphs together make up your essay’s body. Basically, the purpose of your essay will be to support your points with examples, data, etc.
  • The final sentence- You’ll give the conclusion in the final section. Throughout essence, you need to restate what you wrote in your essay. You can choose a reassuring, subjective, or open-ended ending.

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To sum it all up

Many students who want to study abroad take the PTE exam. This post covered the PTE writing section, a crucial part of the PTE exam. Follow these suggestions, and you won’t need to worry about your exam. By paying attention to the aforementioned advice, you can achieve great things in the PTE writing section.