Apple Watch Series 7

The iPhone watch with a square screen is not afraid of water, can take a cardiogram, receive calls, track workouts and control the camera.

According to Comparator , this is the best option for iOS among smartwatches in general and the best among Apple Watch. Smooth and thoughtful interface, durable curved glass, bright screen, metal body, protection from fresh and salt water, excellent vibration.

Applications are downloaded from the linked iPhone in an adapted form. You can answer incoming calls and messages, read notifications, open maps, view photos, control music and camera. The watch counts steps, monitors pulse, blood oxygen saturation and performs an ECG. There are several dozen training programs.

Disadvantage: they will have to be charged every one and a half to two days.

Position of the model in the line

Not the last, there is the Apple Watch 8. They are more expensive and, according to the Comparator, not fundamentally better.

Apple Watch 7 Specifications
Screen LTPO OLED, touch
41 mm: 1.69 inches, 430 × 352 pixels
45 mm: 1.9 inches, 484 × 396 pixels
Dimensions 41 mm: 41 × 35 × 10.7 mm
45 mm: 45 × 38 × 10.7 mm
Weight 41mm: 32g without strap
45mm: 38.8g without strap
Battery Capacity unknown, up to 18 hours of operation
Sensors Pedometer, heart rate, blood oxygen and stress levels, altimeter, ECG, light sensor
Full specifications On the Apple website

Frequently asked questions about Apple Watch 7

Is a charger included? Only the cable is included, there is no power supply.

Is it possible to shower with a watch? Yes, you can. It is advisable to turn on pressure protection in water – an icon with a drop.

Features of Apple Watch 7


The line includes watches with a width of 41 and 45 mm. The set includes two straps of different lengths in the color of the watch. Only suitable for iPhone.

An inexpensive watch with an optimal set of functions that is perfect for athletes, can make calls and is not afraid of water.

According to Comparator , this is the best choice among smart watches . Amazfit GTR 4 is a good mid-class smartwatch , compatible with smartphones from different brands, including iPhone.

The watch measures stress levels and heart rate, blood oxygen, counts steps, tracks sleep phases and 154 workout options, and you can make and answer calls from it. Amazfit GTR 4 lasts 9-10 days if you disable regular heart rate checking and always-on display.

Disadvantage: they run on their own ZeppOS; there is little third-party software for them.

The best option is Pico 4, and the best picture will be in HTC Vive Pro 2.

A VR helmet can become the main entertainment center in the apartment, and we’re not just talking about games. You can use the helmet for fitness classes, watching movies, educational programs and  VR conferences with colleagues.

I’ve been writing electronics reviews for years and have tested a lot of VR devices . Based on my experience, I carefully studied the current models. In this article, I’ll tell you how virtual reality devices differ and help you make your choice.

How to choose a VR helmet

Type of headset. There are two types of devices on sale: glasses for smartphones and helmets.

Glasses for smartphones are accessories that were popular 5-10 years ago, but have now almost completely lost their relevance. This is a head mounted phone holder. There is little content for them – mostly simple mobile games, and the picture quality is much inferior to specialized models.

In this article, I only talk about helmets – full-fledged devices for immersing in virtual reality with their own displays, sensors, processor and specialized content. The VR headset tracks movements and visualizes them in the game, which contributes to a better gaming experience.

Connection type. Some helmets connect to the computer only via wire, while others have both wireless and wired connections.

A wired connection allows you to transfer images to  a VR headset in the highest available quality. But you will have to move around the apartment with a long wire, which can hinder your movements.

Helmets with wireless data transmission are more convenient: wires do not interfere with immersion in VR. In addition, most wireless helmets can work completely autonomously. You can play games and run applications without connecting to a PC. Such headsets have a built-in processor, memory and Android OS with an application store. But most often, only simple arcade games or shooters with mobile graphics are available to them.