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If you’re looking for a high-quality knife for your hunting and survival needs, you’ll find a lot of options in the market. Many choices are available, from classic to modern, from small to large. You’ll also find that these Alaska designer knives are all made in Alaska.

Alaska designer knife

Randall Made Knives

The Randall Made Knives have been one of the most famous handmade knife brands in the world for over 75 years. They are still made by hand in a small shop in Orlando, Florida. And although they are not widely available, they are well worth the wait to procure them.

Among the most famous knife makers in the world, Randall’s knives are known for their unique design. Soldiers and hunters have carried them throughout the years. This is a testament to their durability and quality.

Randall’s knives have been used in the World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Many of the most famous hunters and outdoorsmen in the history of the United States have carried these knives. Their reputation continues to grow.

Founded in 1938, W.D. “Bo” Randall was a former military officer who worked on the USS Enterprise during WWII. He used his knowledge to develop survival knives for astronauts and soldiers. As a result, he received a flood of requests from people looking to buy his knives.

As a result of this demand, the company expanded and moved to a larger space. Since then, it has become a family business. There are currently 40 employees in the company. Several models are available for purchase.

While Randall’s knives are hand-made, they have been sold to some of the most famous hunters and outdoorsmen in history. Some of these names include Steve Earle, Steve Clark, Vince Gill, and Ben Lilly. Those who own Randall’s knives know that they are built to last. Whether purchased for use or as collectables, the company has proven its commitment to producing the best quality.


White River Knives Exodus 4

Exodus 4 is a great little kit. It has the right blend of materials to stand out from the crowd. The black micarta handles are a bonus, though they aren’t the only reason you want to own this knife.

The best part is that it’s a reasonably priced hunting and survival tool. In addition, it’s made from premium materials. These include CPM S35VN super steel, stainless steel rivets, a black Kydex sheath, and a lanyard hole. This is a great combination for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a durable and reliable camping knife.

For those looking to invest a bit more money, the Nessmuk Brush Wolf is worth a look. It’s a collaboration between Nessmuk and Houghton Era Outdoors and boasts an impressive 6.5 inches of cutting edge. As with many of Nessmuk’s products, the price isn’t bad.

White River Knives has produced a variety of knives over three millimeters thick. They are crafted from top-of-the-line materials to ensure they are built to last. They also follow through well on longer cuts. The blades are also very well polished, meaning they’ll take a nice edge.

If you’re on a budget but still want to own a knife that’s sure to impress your friends, check out Exodus 4. It’s a great outdoor knife that is sure to be a hit with the whole family. And with the quality that White River is known for, you’ll be able to pass down your next favourite outdoor tool to the next generation.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the OSS Dagger. It’s the most affordable and best value in its class. Its G10 handle is well integrated into the construction.

Rada Cutlery

Whether you’re looking for a chef knife or a survival knife, these companies make a wide variety of knives. These are some of the best-known knife makers in the U.S. They each have their own distinctive look and feel, but all have one thing in common. Their manufacturing is done entirely in the United States.

Bark River Knives is a company that makes fixed-blade bushcraft knives. They have a strong emphasis on making their knives look good. As such, they’ve gone out of their way to source materials as close to home as possible. The company also has a very strong artisan line.

Saxon Knives is a small artisan company with a focus on kitchen cutlery. They have an impressive collection of knives. While they carry some overseas designs, all of their knives are made in the United States.

Petaluma Knife Company was established in 2006. It’s a fairly new company, but they’ve already begun expanding its in-house manufacturing. Hopefully, they’ll continue to expand their overseas production as well.

Toors Knives is a high-end survival brand. They’ve hired designers with backgrounds in martial arts and urban tactical design. Although they do a nice line of knives, you’ll find they’re most famous for their high-end multi-tools.

ESEE is another US knife maker. They’ve had a lot of collaborations and are known for their jungle-inspired designs. However, their factory is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Perhaps the team is too busy running the jungle to run a factory?

The Survival Knife Company has an incredible selection of knives. The company specializes in custom Kydex sheaths but also offers a cool ordering process.