Biodata of Amanda Manopo, the beautiful actress who plays ‘Andin’ in the soap op

Fans of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta are certainly no stranger to the name Amanda Manopo. Yes, the career of this beautiful actress who was born on December 6 1999 has skyrocketed thanks to her role as Andin in Ikatan Cinta. So, it’s not surprising that many people are looking for Amanda Manopo’s biodata.

Ikatan Cinta, which boomed in 2020, was Amanda’s best-selling soap opera after she took several roles in soap operas since 2013. The success of Ikatan Cinta continues to lift Amanda Manopo’s career to the top.

Amanda even managed to win dozens of prestigious awards thanks to her role, including the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards. Apart from soap operas, Amanda also regularly plays in FTV. One of the most famous is Suara Hati Istri.

Are you a fan of Amanda Manopo, Shopee friend? If so, check out Amanda Manopo’s biodata below, come on!

Profile and Biodata of Amanda Manopo
Amanda Manopo’s biodata
Shopee has summarized Amanda Manopo’s complete biodata and profile. You can read the following information.

Full name: Amanda Gabriella Manopo Lugue
Nickname: Amanda Manopo
Place, date of birth: Jakarta, December 6 1999
Profession: actress, singer, advertising model
Active years: 2008-present
What Amanda Manopo fans call: MandaSkatic
That is Amanda Manopo’s complete biodata. Well, now you know him better, right?

Yes, the name Amanda Manopo has only recently become a topic of conversation among Indonesian people. However, the actress born in 1999 actually started her career in the entertainment world in 2008, you know.

At that time, Amanda became an advertising star. Then, in 2010, he released a single entitled Juragan Kesayangan. Yes, his voice is also very melodious, Shopee friends!

In 2012, Amanda tried her hand at acting by playing a role in the soap opera Hidayah. After that, he increasingly enjoyed acting and starred in various other soap operas, such as Putri Bidadari, Biru, Tendangan Si Madun Return, Siti Bling-bling, All Sayang Eneng, and Malu Malu Cat.

She also played the character Ariel in the soap opera Mermaid in Love in 2016. Since playing this character, her name has become increasingly popular in the entertainment world.

After that, Amanda Manopo’s name became even more famous when she played the character Andin in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. He had to compete with the character Al, played by Arya Saloka.

It turns out that Amanda Manopo’s career journey has been a long one, right, Shopee friends? If you are a fan of Amanda Manopo, make sure you also memorize her biodata above, okay?

List of soap operas Amanda Manopo
Shopee friends, how did you first know Amanda Manopo? Did you just like his role as Andin in Ikatan Cinta or did you know him long before that?

Well, actually Amanda Manopo with the biography above has starred in many films, FTV and soap operas before. The following is a list of soap operas played by Amanda Manopo.

Blue (2013)
Kick Si Madun Returns (2014)
Siti Bling-Bling (2014)
Everyone Loves Eneng (2014)
Shy Shy Cat (2015)
Mermaid In Love (2016)
Mermaid in Love 2 (2016—2017)
The Heart That Chooses (2017)
There Are Two Loves (2018)
The Cry of a Woman’s Life (2018)
Love as Clear as Dew (2019)
The Stepmother’s Lament (2020)
Bonds of Love (2020)
Princess to Prince (2021)

Interesting Facts from Amanda Manopo
Amanda Manopo’s biodata

  1. Career outside soap operas
    Amanda Manopo is known as a productive actress. So, apart from starring in a number of TV soap operas, he has also acted in many FTV, web series and films.

Not only that, this virgin who was born in the city of Jakarta has also released several new singles entitled “Secrets of God” by Ade Govinda.

  1. Has a beautiful sister
    Amanda Manopo also has a beautiful older sister named Felicia Angelica Manopo Lugue.

Unlike her sister, Felicia is involved in the world of beauty as a beauty influencer . Felicia is only one year apart from Amanda and is now married.

  1. Don’t have many friends
    In an interview on TikTok, Amanda Manopo admitted that she has many friends, but does not position them as friends.

Amanda explained that she became like that because she had felt hurt because of her best friend. So, now he is starting to limit himself.

  1. Want to build a mosque
    Even though Amanda Manopo is a Christian artist and admits she is not a convert to Islam, she wants to build a mosque for Muslims.

Amanda was taught by her parents to respect all religions on this earth. He wanted to build a mosque just for various reasons without any other intention.

  1. Be diligent in doing business
    Amanda Manopo has been involved in the business world since she was 14 years old. At that time, he was selling masks.

However, now, Amanda and her sister, Angelica, are starting a skincare business called Skin Soul by Amanda Manopo. Because he was busy filming the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, this business was managed by his older brother.

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This is the most complete biodata of Amanda Manopo along with a list of soap operas in which she has starred. This beautiful actress really has an alluring charm.

The acting and voice are very good, yes! So, it’s not surprising that many people are fans of Amanda Manopo.

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