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The sheer variety of Eliquid is one of the best things about vaping. Whether you want to try the taste of your favourite tobacco, taste your dessert theme treats, or even when you prefer the fresh-tasting hit of the fruity menthol in E-liquids, there is something for everyone, even when using disposable vapes.

With such a massive variety, the common question of vapers is whether a type of e-liquid is suitable for every vape device. For the big picture, yes, but a certain type of eliquid is suitable for different vape kits; thus, you only get to feel the full potency of a flavour if you use it with a specific device.

Are All Vape Juices The Same?

Most E-liquids are made from the same ingredients, including Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavourings, and a small amount of nicotine, which can be further customised when using shortfills. In Lost Mary disposable vapes, you select from the pre-set e-liquid compositions. The demand for discreet, sleek, small, and portable disposable vape devices has skyrocketed. Bear + Aspire R1 and Lost Mary 3500 are most trending nowadays.

The critical part is the ratio of all ingredients, as this can alter the whole feel of the product. There are several types of eliquids. Some popular ones include high-PG e-juices, 50PG/50VG ratio liquids, and high-VG e-liquids containing flavours and nic salts; you can also find some vape juices that do not carry nicotine at all, basically known as shortfill e-liquids.

Before we go further, let’s look at all of these;

High-VG E-Juice: 

This vape liquid comes with a higher amount of Vegetable Glycerin, which alters and influences a vaper’s experience. The high-VG vape liquids are thick and produce large clouds compared to PG blends. Additionally, VG offers a slightly sweeter taste adding more to the overall sweetness of the vape juice.

High-PG Vape Liquid:

As their name shows, high-PG liquids have more Propylene Glycol. This type of vape liquid does not produce much vapour, but it shall offer optimum flavour value. High-PG eliquid is popular with transitioning or ex-smokers as it gives a strong throat hit. Owing to this very feature, these e-liquids mimic the experience of smoking conventional cigarettes.

50PG/50VG Vape Juice:

As clear by the name, the 50/50 E-liquids offer a balanced ratio of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Because of this, vapers enjoy the blends that offer fantastic flavour and massive vapours at the same time. The top 50/50 vape juices have a strong nicotine percentage and hit. This is why many vapers prefer these. Most disposable vapes come with 50/50 PG/VG ratios.

Do E-liquids Suit Every Type Of Vape?

When looking at the varying types of vape liquids, you will note that these are not all the same. While some varieties of Eliquids are thick and are preferred for producing bigger clouds, other types are rather runny and are ideal for giving a higher nicotine hit and enhanced flavour delivery.

This essentially means that different E-liquids are made to offer varying perks of vaping and thus need different vape kits. If you are confused about choosing the perfect e-liquid, go for Lost Mary disposable vapes because they involve no complexities.

For instance, the thick liquids need more power and thus require low-resistance vape coils; the coils required for thicker vape liquids also offer a large surface area for making the absorption of viscous liquid a tad bit easier.

Buying Eliquid And Vape Kits – Wrap-Up:

This post has covered the topic thoroughly and answered the queries well enough. In summary, many types of varying vape liquids are available in the market that works best with different vaping devices. If your vape juice is thinner, simpler, and comes in small bottles, it will be suitable to use a different vape kit than those thicker vape liquids.

E-Liquid Concentrations: 

The nicotine concentration in the vape juices varies; some vape juices even come without nicotine. The nicotine levels in eliquids are variable and majorly depend on the following:

  • The type of liquid used
  • Vaping device
  • How a user uses the vape

Switching to Vaping

While vaping is not an approved method of quitting smoking; however, it helps smokers quit the habit if all other attempts fail. Plus, vaping is much less harmful to health than continued smoking.

Transitioning smokers might need to try out different strengths of nicotine and the flavours of eliquids to set on one that helps them quit smoking. In an ideal case, disposable vape must only be an interim measure with the set goal of quitting smoking.

Vaping As A Cessation Tool: 

Vapes have now become a consumer product; while most work as a smoking cessation tool, none are yet officially approved. Despite this, studies show that vaping has been the most effective nicotine replacement therapy than any other method that helped people stay away from smoking for extended periods.

What Does Research Say About Vapes?

The data and studies indicate that vapes help people quit smoking more than other approved nicotine replacement therapy products. Many research and health institutes like NHS and Public Health England have attested that vaping is 95% safer than smoking; hence, vaping is an effective cessation tool as disposable vapes mimic the action of smoking apart from delivering nicotine to the body.

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