The citizens of Sweden who plan to travel to Canada for a short stay don’t have to apply for a Canada visa. Nevertheless, you must obtain a  before your departure if you go there by air. can facilitate the application process. As a result, you can have your travel document ready in just 30 minutes

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Canada Visa for the citizens of Sweden – the requirements

In order to apply for a Canada ETA, you have to meet a few requirements. However, you will be pleased to learn that your effort is limited. You do not need much, and what is necessary for the application process is easy to acquire. You must put together the documents below:

  • Passport – to apply for a Canada ETA, you should know that your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from your arrival date in Canada.
  • E-mail â€“ you’ll get your ETA by email in PDF format. For that, it is important that you insert a valid email address.
  • Payment methods â€“ it is crucial that you have a credit/debit card because these are the only online ways to pay for your application.

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Canada Visa for the citizens of Sweden – the online application form

When you believe yourself ready, you can access the application page and proceed to CANADA VISA FOR BRITISH CITIZENS complete the online form. You should not experience any difficulties along the way. Chat with one of our customer service representatives to solve any doubts.

  1. The first step asks for general information, but it also requires you to make a choice as far as the processing time is concerned. You are granted three options, and they all have different fees. You can opt for one of the following:
    • Standard processing â€“ in 24 hours, you’ll obtain your digital authorization. All you have to pay is USD $44.99.
    • Rush processing – if you want to have your Canada ETA in 4 hours you’ll need to pay the amount of USD $100.49.
    • Super Rush processing â€“ this is a costly option because the price is USD $135.49, but your ETA is completed in 30 minutes.
  2. The second step wants you to handle payment and revise your formulary to make sure that the provided information is 100 % correct. If it is not, correct your mistakes. Otherwise, your ETA will be invalid.
  3. Upload the requested documents. When you have completed, submit your request, and will handle it from there. All you can do at this point is to wait.

In short, if you are a Swedish citizen, you do not need a Canada visa per se. The travel SWEDISH permission has a validity for 5 years after issued or until passport expires. In that period, you have Multiple Entry and you can stay there for no more than 180 days Per Entry SWEDISH.


It is now possible to obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA) for Canada from Sweden without having to visit a diplomatic office in person, through the simple online visa waiver application.

An approved Canada eTA visa waiver is a multiple entry travel authorization that allows the holder to spend up to 180 days in Canada with each entry. It is valid for a total of 5 years from the date of approval, meaning there is no need to submit an eTA application before every visit.


Before you can start your application to get an eTA to Canada from Sweden, it is important to note that there are a few requirements. These include the following:

  • A valid passport – All travelers must have a valid Swedish biometric passport in order to travel to Canada and legally enter the country. It is also recommended to have at least 6 months of validity in the Swedish passport.
  • Personal information – When filling out the application, all travelers will need to provide information that pertains to their passport, their personal information (address, contact information), current employment details, and travel itinerary SWEDISH.
  • A valid form of payment – Travelers will need a valid form of payment, such as a debit or credit card, to pay the cost of the eTA
  • A phone, tablet, or computer – In order to fill and submit out the application, travelers will need a device with internet access, such as a phone, tablet, or computer

Requirements of Canada Visa for Swedish citizens

To enter Canada, Swedish citizens will require a valid travel document or passport in order to apply for Canada eTA. Swedish citizens who have a passport of an additional nationality need to make sure they apply with the same passport that they will travel with, as the Canada eTA will be associated with the passport that was mentioned at the time of application. There is no need to print or present any documents at the airport, as the eTA is stored electronically against the passport in the Canada Immigration system.

Applicants will also require a valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay for the Canada eTA. Swedish citizens are also required to provide a valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their inbox. It will be your responsibility to carefully double-check all the data entered so there are no issues with the Canada Electronic Travel Authority (eTA), otherwise you may have to apply for another Canada eTA.Read about full eTA Canada Visa Requirements