Collateral Damage!

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This is not at all about the protagonist film of Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood that was launched in early 2002 and did not do it quite well at the box office, since, unfortunately, it was negatively affected by the collateral damage caused by the consequences of the attack of the attack September 11 terrorist. If it were in fact, it would be an extremely unnecessary and unjustified exercise of writing a review at this irrelevant situation. Therefore, let’s expel the sad memories of the terrorist attack that involuntarily dragged our mind and concentrate on the ‘lighter’ side with this piece, which is a normal office, but full of a fairly considerable number of employees that fill Two floors of a building in the main location of a city on a normal day.

Routine activities were occurring since the morning without incident of that normal working day as if it had been happening for years. Archives that move to the desks of the senior executives and move in due time; The smoking cups that enter several two floors with some hungry or greedy souls that ask for hot snacks available outside at cheap prices and the empty dishes are being cleared in due time; And, of course, some visitors in business or time steps had moved inside and outside several rooms or cameras. It was absolutely a normal day without indications of any problem.

In a routine exercise, a Junior Executive entered the camera of an upper executive around noon with some important files for approval. The two were always in friendly terms and the Junior, ignoring the bleak face used by the senior at that particular moment, greeted him hotly and sat in one of the chairs aligned to the front. The senior who seemed to be immersed in a lot of documents looked abruptly and almost shouted: “Who asked you to sit? Keep stand up until you say otherwise!”

The surprised Junior stood sharply, just managing stuttering: “Is something the matter, Lord?” Although he normally did not use the ‘Lord’ and he often addressed him by name, which, by the way, was, say Ramesh.

“Take care of your business … Now! Give me the damn files!” Ramesh was looking at him as a demon.

The Junior decided to remain silent until the work ended; However, he could not prevent an equally bleak countenance from taking full control of his face. Ramesh never asked him to sit and continue screaming, unnecessarily as the Junior reasoned in silence, for about fifteen minutes at the end of which he finally signed the approval with a rubber face. The Junior felt insulted and humiliated enough, and felt relieved that no one entered during the storm. He almost ran to his room and sat heavily on his chair face and contorted himself as with a terrible indigestion.

At that same moment, the constant jovial accountant Suma entered with some more files to obtain his comments before forwarding the same to the superior authority. Now, the Junior looked at him demonicly without even asking him to sit and continue to find errors in the accountant’s notes on the archives, absolutely unnecessarily when the shaken accountant reasoned in silence, and continued shouting to say goodbye with a quick fury. The accountant almost ran to the staff room, sat bleakly in his chair and rested his distorted face in his folded hands on the desk avoiding looking at the other staff members in the large room full of cubicles.

An assistant noticed that the black mood dominated his immediate boss, the accountant, and joked if a ghost had suddenly possessed him. The accountant almost screamed against the poor assistant to shut up, and the great room became instantly noisy and unpleasant with more consultations leaving other members, which made the accountant an adult demon. At that time, a pawn arrived smiling with a tea tray in paper vessels. He had to face the wicked choir that led him to his head, “to hell with your bloody tea!” The pawn placed the tray loudly on a nearby empty table and escaped in one piece.—for-best-result-2022-63748e57b0e9d39d67bba2f5–63748eaae051afa212489a1c

The gloom accumulated and proposed as a virus that infected the two floors of the office. In a passage on the upper floor, he found an executive lady crying inconsolably to his colleagues, complaining with a route of something. Only the supreme boss sat without affecting and benevolently in his rotating chair in the camera quite large, enjoying his lunch with an unusual taste.

The pawns always lined together in the lower floor room, near the cameras of all important executives.

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