Contemporary Seascape Paintings

The unavoidable pleasure to enjoy a contemporary marine landscape painting is something that attracts many of us that we enjoy nature and sea. Have a beautiful original sea work to enjoy and see it when you feel that it is the best property of art at your best. Marine painting can express the beautiful qualities of the sea, its light, atmosphere and moods throughout the year.

Looking at the shore is a wonderfully affirmative and peaceful experience. He captures his attention and allows you to reflect on the wild beauty of nature, making you pause and reflect on yourself.

The continuous movement of the elements has a soothing and refreshing quality. His patterns and rhythms are also visually beautiful. The quality of the light found on the seashore can give it different feelings and atmospheres that can be expressed through the Fine Arts.

There is a lot of visual variety and changes that you can see day by day on the beach. Marine painting can capture personal feelings and artists impressions of the moments in time. It can reflect the new changes caused by a new day and a new tide, revealing the many qualities of nature.

The stations bring very different visual qualities. Winter brings the sun and light and the evocative and atmospheric darkness. Mists create beautiful soft tones and clear winter days bring beautiful colors. Summer offers charming rich colors, bright and contrasting light and magnificent sunsets of the night to enjoy. Changes in water conditions and tide heights throughout the year can make very different views, especially on flat open sand beaches. All these changes impact on the type of qualities that a painting on the sea shore has.

An abstract painting of marine landscapes can offer you a beautiful, significant and creative reminder of what the sea is about. Maybe connect with you, although form, rhythm and patterns to remind you of the marine landscape.

A tide work can re -connect to nature and elements. He captures his attention and allows you to reflect on the wild beauty of nature, making you pause and reflect on yourself. You can also remind you of past hobbies enjoying the beach and the sea or the open ocean.

Joy and happiness remembered or the warm feelings of mental liberation or freedom of everyday concerns, perhaps meditation for some are great reasons to choose a modern and contemporary marine painting for their home.

Timothy Gent is a contemporary artist and painter. Its main themes are the modern marine landscape and its oil paintings and watercolor paints of semi-abstractor and watercolor paintings are now available on the Timothy Gent Gent Gallery website.