DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelet Ideas

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelet Set

If you’re anything like us, you love Christmas. And if you love Christmas, you probably love DIY projects. So why not make your very own Christmas advent calendar bracelet? This project is simple and easy to do, and it’s a great way to show your friends and family that you care about them during this special time of year. Here are a few DIY Christmas advent calendar bracelet ideas for you to get started: 1. Make a holiday-themed necklace. 2. Make a snowman bracelet. 3. Create a gingerbread house bracelet. 4. Make a coordinating set of holiday earrings and necklaces. 5. Crochet a festive scarf or hat! There are endless possibilities when it comes to making your own DIY Christmas advent calendar bracelet set, so get creative and have fun!

What You’ll Need

To make your own DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet, you’ll need:

-A piece of jewelry chain

-Assorted beads


-Permanent marker

-Ruler or measuring tape

-Thread spool

-Tape measure

-Chain key ring

1. Begin by measuring the circumference of your desired bracelet size. You can use a ruler or measuring tape to get an accurate reading. Write this measurement down.

2. Cut the desired piece of jewelry chain to the desired bracelet size. Be sure to leave a slight margin for safety! If you are using a thin chain, be sure to double check the length before cutting – chains can easily be shortened if not taken into account during cutting!

The Bracelet Design

Looking for a festive way to decorate your wrists this Christmas season? Check out our roundup of DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet ideas! Whether you’re in the mood for something simple or want to get creative, we’ve got you covered.

1. Striped Bracelet: Start by cutting eight strips of ribbon, each about 12 inches long. Cross one end of each strip over the other and tie them in a knot just below the crossbar. Make another knot 1 inch away from the first one, and make another two knots in between the first two knots. Trim off any extra material.

2. Holly Berry Bracelet: Next, gather some holly leaves and berries using tweezers or your fingers. Use a small dot of hot glue to attach one holly leaf to each ribbon strand about 2 inches from one end. Then, add a berry close to the glued leaf. Glue the other end of each ribbon strand to one of the back posts of the jewelry box (or use a jump ring). Let dry completely before wearing.

3. Snowflakes Bracelet: Take six pieces of white craft foam (about 2-by-2 inches) and cut out six stars using a star template (available online or at most crafting stores). Trace around the template onto each piece of foam and then cut out each star with sharp scissors. Glue one star to each end of each ribbon strip, making sure that they are

Christmas Wish List Ideas

If you’re like most people, you likely have several Christmas wish lists that are growing longer with each passing day. Whether you’re looking for the traditional presents like a new television or something more unique and personal, there’s sure to be something on your list that fits the bill. And if you’re feeling creative, there are plenty of DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet ideas out there to help make your holiday shopping easier!

One great way to show your loved ones just how much you care is by sending them a personalized gift every day leading up to Christmas. For the crafty types among us, making an Advent calendar can be as simple as downloading a template online and filling in the blanks with your own special photos and messages. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try creating a one-of-a-kind bracelet or necklace from recycled materials. No matter what kind of DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet idea appeals to you, there’s sure to be one that’ll make your loved ones’ holiday celebrations that much more special.

Putting It All Together

There’s no need to spend a fortune on Christmas gifts this year – you can make your own! And if you’re crafty like us, you’ll love these DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet ideas. You’ll need some basic supplies – wire hangers, beads, clasp and a drill – and it’ll only take a few hours to create. Here are six gorgeous DIY Christmas Advent Calendar bracelet ideas to get you started:

1. This simple but chic bracelet features hammered silver wire and beaded circles.

2. Add a little personality to your wrist with this fun tiger print bracelet made from felt pads and elastic.

3. Keep things simple yet stylish with this easy gold-tone bracelet made from wire hangers and small round beads.

4. This pretty snowflake motif can be easily adapted for any style – go bold with a bright pink or purple strand, or keep things more understated with delicate white beads.

5. For something extra festive and sparkly, try this glittery cluster of bauble charms on a gold chain!

6. Want something really special? Make your own intricate cross stitch patterned bracelet using wool yarn and needle!