Experts’ Tips to Ace the PTE Listening Section

PTE listening section

Understanding spoken English could be challenging for the candidates as we aren’t accustomed to listening to English very well. So many candidates complain about their inability to understand spoken English efficiently. Thus, they get a lot of problems while taking the PTE listening section. But don’t worry! If you are also getting anxious over your performance in the PTE listening section. Then, don’t worry! We will tell you the outstanding tips to ace the PTE exam through this article.

Believe us, getting the desirable marks is only possible if you have prepared for each section of the exam. If you are struggling with improving your listening skills. Then, know that you can improve your English listening skills in a very short span of time using the right approach.

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Go through the following tips to know the experts’ tips to ace the PTE listening section:

Understand the section procedure

During the PTE academic, the candidate will get 45-47 minutes to take the test. The examiner will give you eight question types to test your listening, reading, and writing abilities. In the first type, you will have to summarize the spoken test and write it within 10 minutes. Then, the next types would be multiple-question types, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, multiple choice single answer, select missing word, highlight incorrect words, and write from dictation. Get meticulous details of the PTE listening section from authentic websites.

Listen actively

You have to listen actively to perform well in the section. It can be challenging to simply switch to being attentive while listening, There is no denying the fact that regular practice is mandatory to gain expertise in listening skills. Therefore, practice listening to the sample recordings relevant to the PTE listening section. Furthermore, make sure to get familiar with the pronunciation of the words day by day. Listen to audio lessons, conversations in the English language, and news podcasts to get familiar with the pronunciation of the words. If you do so for at least half an hour daily then, you will surely notice an improvement in your listening skills within a few days.

Time management

Time management is very vital whether you are taking the IELTS, PTE, government, or academic exams. You need to be very quick, alert, and cool to attempt the section on time. Taking mock tests in advance will help you keep track of your improvement in your time management skills. Never neglect the importance of time management skills while taking the PTE listening section. Therefore, prepare a strategy that can help you attempt the paper within the given time frame. You can only do this if you have experienced the replica of the actual exam in advance before taking the actual exam.
Plan a strategy in advance and allot a time slice to solve each question of the PTE listening section.


You are going to lose the game if you continue to focus on the negative thoughts while taking the PTE listening section. Because this will make you even more anxiety in you. Thus, deteriorating your ability to understand and listen temporarily. Many candidates often skip the words while listening to the recordings due to nervousness. Their brain gets perplexed and can’t pay attention to the recordings properly. You have to sidestep such situations by keeping your focus on your abilities and your tasks. Therefore, learn to keep yourself focused on the recordings for a longer time.

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It is not tough to understand spoken English as you have assumed. Merely getting interaction with the exam format, pronunciation of the words, and listening to some recordings for three words can help you develop some excellent English listening skills for the PTE listening section. Lastly, let us tell you that understanding each question type of the PTE exam is very crucial to prepare for the exam well.