How to Fix Microsoft Office 365 Not Activating Issue?

office 365 not activating

Did you recently buy a Microsoft office license but when you tried to activate it and you are not able to do so? If this is also the problem with you then this might be occurring because of some internal issue like clashes between different Office versions, expired licenses, or issues with your antivirus program.. 

We have provided some potential ways which you can use to fix the issues on your device, so let’s start with it. 

Solutions to fix activation errors with Microsoft 

Way 1 – Subscription of Microsoft Office expired 

If you are using a pirated Microsoft 365 subscription which you purchased online then it might get expired. If you want to avoid this you should buy the subscription from the official site only. 

You should first sign in to your Microsoft account and the move to the services and subscription page. 

On this page you will be able to see all the subscriptions and their detailed information so that you can check if it expired or not. 

Way 2 – Checking if multiple versions of Office are installed 

Another most common cause of the error is installing various versions of Microsoft Office. You need to check this and then uninstall the one which you do not want which you can do with the help of steps below. 

You have to first open the control panel following which you have to tap on uninstall program tab. 

Here, check the versions of Office you have installed and then uninstall the ones which you do not require. 

Way 3 – Signing in with the correct account 

If you are going through with a Microsoft 365 login error. then you don’t need to worry because here I will tell you all the solutions To resolve Microsoft 365 login issues you need to ensure that you are logging into your account using correct account details. We all have several accounts and it is possible that you are using an incorrect account to login into Microsoft. 

This is why you need to sign in to your account carefully and then you can see the products of Microsoft. 

Way 4 – Using the windows registry editor

For this you have to press windows button and R button together so that you can go to the run tab. 

On the run tab you have to type “regedit” so that you are able to access the windows registry and move ahead to the following step. 

Now you have to go to the option of HKEY_CURRENT_USER following which you have to tap on software and then on Microsoft and further on Internet explorer. 

Hit on main option and then on feature control after which go to FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN 

In this list you have to look for DWORD and its status, if it is 0 then you need to change it to 1 and then simply restart the computer you are using. 

Way 5 – Downloading Microsoft Support and recovery assistant 

Among these different services which Microsoft offers to you, one is Microsoft support and recovery assistant which is a free tool you help and assist you when you are facing issues. 

You need to download Microsoft support and recovery assistant and then install the wizard with the help of setupprod_act.exe file. 

Now you just have to run the wizard as administrator and then follow the steps which you see on the screen. 

Way 6 – Updating Microsoft Office 

It is also possible that the version of Microsoft you are using has expired and needs to be updated and this is why it is not allowing you to activate your license and you are facing “we’re having trouble activating office” issue. 

You have to open any Office program and then go to the file tab. 

Under the file tab you need to hit on the account option and then in the update options tab. 

Hit on the update now button in front of you and if you have purchased the license from the store of Microsoft you have to hit on the sign in button. 

Now hit on the three dots you see on the screen and then on downloads and updates option. 

Now, you will get the updates and you can update the Microsoft version you are using. 

Way 7 – Run Office as Administrator

It does not everytime work, you can try running it in administrator mode and it can solve the office product activation issue.

You need to close all office programs that you have open

Command Windows+ S> write some test program like “Word” >Right click and Run as administrator.

Click “Yes” and once opened, check whether the activation error has been fixed or not.
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