Best Five Google Chrome Extensions to Save Time and Energy

Google Chrome Extensions
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Statistics show that with over 180,000 must-have google chrome extensions, it is the most widely used browser throughout the globe. Several local businesses are taking a move towards showcasing their products online.

On the other hand, business aspirants are launching their products and services on web stores. Now, what enables them to achieve the most successful outcome? Google Chrome extensions! Yes, you read right.

You must have heard a saying that successful people are the ones who work smarter rather than harder. Taking advantage of tools would help you do smart work. Anyone can access more than 180,000 extensions on the web store.

Most of them are free to use and provide a user-friendly experience. These are the hidden gems using which you can make your personal as well as professional life easier and more manageable.

Five Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

By reading the figures, you might be all of a doodad. No need to be all over the place as we have got your back. After hours of surfing on the browser, getting recommendations from entrepreneurs, and testing out numerous tools, we have compiled a list for you.

In this compilation, we will help you get familiar with the five must-have google chrome extensions to amplify productivity.

  1. Clockify – a must-have google chrome extension

Clockify is used for time tracking. Turning it on when you open your eyes in the morning would let you track all day long. By the end of the day, you can easily discover how much time you spend on different apps and the web.

Why Should You Use Clockify?

There is so much more to Clockify than just tracking time.

  • You can organize your time entries.
  • Can also add descriptions.
  • Time entries can also be sorted according to the tasks and projects.
  • Analysis of your day
  • Results can also be exported in the form of a PDF.
  • One doesn’t need to enter the app or their website to turn it on in the morning. Simply just click on the extension bar to get started.
  • What is even greater is that it is free. However, upgrade to advance plans if you want to access some cool features.

Highlight Features of Clockify

Clockify is best for those individuals who are struggling to stay productive by eradicating laziness. It has several great features, such as the Pomodoro timer to set intervals between studying and breaks. It would help you to balance work/study and rest.

  • Google Keep – For Note Keeping Neatly

Generally, all phones have note-keeping features, but those are not neat and organized as Google keeps. Its primary function is to take notes and create to-do lists. Photos can also be added to the notes. Also, if someone doesn’t like to take textual notes, then there is a voice memo option. You can also turn on your microphone to transcribe your voice.

If you work with essay mills, then take the help of this tool to store relevant information there. You can easily access it whenever you need.

Why Should You Use it?

If you are one of those who constantly store notes and have piles of notes in the application, it can be a hassle to find one you need. You can make it look organized by color-coding the system.

Also, you can access the same data using different devices. So, no need to burn out over the loss of data.

The Highlight Feature

Now some of you might think about the above points that these similar features are also available in other note-keeping apps. What is so special about this application? The highlight feature of it is that you can set up location-based reminders.

For example, if you are going on a study trip, then recording notes is a must, right? So, you can already set up location-based reminders. By the time you would reach the place; notes will pull up so you can note down instantly.

  • Adblock – For Blocking Advertisements

It can be irritating when you get attacked by a bunch of advertisements while you are either researching for work or studying. They interrupt when you are going with the flow or hinder you when you are watching your favorite series on the web. Adblock comes to rescue you in such situations.

Why Use Adblock?

Besides blocking the ads, it also saves your device from any malware and malicious pages by detecting them instantly.

The Highlight Feature of Adblock

The highlight feature of Adblock is that it lets you pick an image to substitute with the blocked pages. Moreover, you can enhance the experience by keeping your favorite theme out of plenty of options.

  • Grammarly – For spell-checking and Grammar

Grammarly is a name almost every student has either heard of or used in their academic life. It is truly a blessing for students, teachers, proofreaders, and writers who work with assignment help UK.

Why Use Grammarly?

It offers spell-checking capabilities, suggestions, clarity corrections, style adjustments, corrects wordy sentences, etc. Grammarly has a user-friendly interface and experience. It instantly identifies and corrects your writing errors. Almost all text fields use this Grammarly for smart work.

Highlight Features of Grammarly

It has a ‘’Plagiarism” feature using which one can easily remove any sentences or phrases that are detected as plagiarism. It would save students, reporters, and writers from any sort of trouble.

  • VidIQ Vision – for YouTube Channel Growth

VidIQ vision is a must-have google chrome extension for Youtubers. No matter how great content a YouTuber creates, it needs the right marketing strategy to gain traffic. VidIQ vision tool helps to grow a channel.

Why use VidIQ vision?

VidIQ gives you an inside of the detailed stats of not just your YouTube videos and channel but also of others. You can compare those stats to give a better idea to come up with the right strategies.

VidIQ vision’s Highlight Feature

One can go back in time using a pro video to find out how a specific video went viral. Get to know how your content is being promoted on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

Closing Words

If you ever enter chrome’s web store to explore, you will notice dozens of extensions based on the same niche. It can be troublesome to pick the most suitable one out of plenty of options.

You no longer need any coach or guru to be more productive as we are here to assist you. Our guide on “five must-have google chrome extensions to amplify productivity” is enough to make you aware of some best tools. Use these tools to save yourself from hours of work and manage properly.

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