Hair tips: How to Maintain Your Haircut – Big News Time

Make your haircut last and last (no matter what your hair type) with these expert hair tips.

Dead ends are over; welcome to swingy layers and high shine. Few things feel as fabulous and brand-new as a freshly chopped hairstyle.

Whether a simple trim or a significant transformation, a fresh cut keeps hair healthy (regardless of whether your hair type is curly, fine, or thick).

However, the reality is that hair loses its luster over time and no longer feels as though it just left the salon (and no amount of product will change that).

What are the tricks to extending the effects of a recent haircut?

In-between trims, your hair may look better and last longer with a few professional styling tips.

Cody Alain, a hair and makeup artist for Page One Management, and Nina Farrauto, a Garnier style and color expert.

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Hair Tips: Maintenance
You receive out of life what you put into it, just like everything else.

Likewise with your hair. Farrauto says, ” People frequently expect that there will be a one-size-fits-all miraculous product that will give them fantastic hair.”

To have great hair, you must use the tools you have and care for your hair as required. All hair-related activities, including brushes, brushing techniques, heat styling, coloring, and chemical treatments, should be handled with caution, according to the expert.

Hair tips: The best haircuts for easy maintenance
Farrauto and Alain concur that long hair, long layers, and no bangs are the best options for a beautiful haircut that doesn’t require hours of maintenance.

Farrauto says that bangs and short layers often need a lot of care, like washing or blow-drying every day and using heat to style them. She says that if your hair is curly, you should cut it short with layers (about collarbone or jaw length) for a look that is easy to keep up and will style itself.

If you are still keen on long hair, that’s fine. Consider using hair wigs or extensions as another option. They cause little to no damage to your natural hair and blend in seamlessly. No one can tell you are wearing them. Click here to learn more.

Hair Tips: Bangs
Although our experts agree that bangs are a high-maintenance style, we still adore them. So if you have bangs or are considering getting them, keep in mind that visiting your salon frequently is the best way to preserve them.

According to Alain, no matter how many YouTube tutorials you follow, “I’ve yet to encounter someone who can properly trim their own bangs.”

“Bang trims typically cost nothing, take five minutes, and don’t require an appointment at most salons.” Bangs should be planned for in your maintenance program if you want them.

Hair tips: 6 Maintenance Dos and Don’ts
The following six dos and don’ts from Cody Alain will help you achieve stunning hair between trips to the stylist’s chair.

Do use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type, and if necessary, use a conditioning treatment once a week.

Don’t over-style. To prevent using excessive heat on the hair, try to discover other styles like

Don’t make buns, especially if your hair is bleach blonde or has been highlighted. Regardless of your hair type, it might stretch and break when wet.

Do try using dry shampoo if you want to go longer between washes.

Use heat protectants, primarily if you use a flatiron or curling iron. Ensure the product doesn’t hinder the outcome or cause the hair to droop.

Don’t cut the bangs or your own hair.

Final Words
Last but not least, keep a healthy diet. Exercise whenever you can. Make sure to style your natural hair occasionally. If you do, consider using hair extensions or toppers, wigs, etc., as an option.Click here to learn more about today’s top-tier hair extensions.

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