Here are some things to consider before selling a used motorcycle.

used motorcycle

The accessibility of the internet has only aided this industry, which is now thriving for motorcycles and cars. You’re more likely to wish to sell your two-wheeler at some time if you own one. You may either approach a person who has a reputation for striking excellent bargains or you can visit certain retailers that focus on purchasing and selling Your . Additionally, the simplest choice is to look through several online markets that may help you sell your bike for the most price. If you decide on the last option, reading this article will assist you in determining the value of your used motorcycle.

The bike portfolio needs to be completed:

Following the Indian aphorism “Jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai,” being more flashy might help you obtain a better deal. Call your photographer friend since you’ll need at least five or six high-quality shots of your bike. Make careful to clean and polish it first to prevent doing the same. If at all possible, correct minor flaws and make it look as though the item has just left the showroom since there is no better method to convince a consumer than a stunning photograph.

If you need to replace a tire, check the life of the tire:

Bald tires result in a lower ultimate cost. Choose new rubbers if you have to decide between having the bike serviced before the sale and doing so. because your set of tyres are displayed but your unfinished service is not. Good tyres usually leave a good impression and will undoubtedly assist you in getting the greatest price.

Get all of the old service records together

The likelihood that you will receive the greatest price for the bike increases if you keep up with all of the service records. The buyer is reassured by the history of service records that he is spending his money on a bike that has been well-maintained and is more dependable. As long as there are no unfinished repairs on the bike, it is not necessary to disclose to the buyer that your bike has a brief unintentional history.

You can sell the mods separately as follows:

For the majority of consumers, none of the bike’s upgrades have added value. Given that not all customers are seeking for customised bikes, adding a 60K exhaust won’t help you sell the motorcycle for more money. The bike should be left stock once all the improvements are removed, and then each component should be sold separately.

Here are the top second-hand bike selling websites:

Today, there are a few websites like Everi bikes that may assist you in finding the best deal on your used bike swiftly. Many people visit some of these websites, which have been online for many years now. A website that receives more traffic has a better chance of getting the most views. Be a list of the most well-known websites and make sure to post the free advertisement on at least three of them. Additionally, you might try improving the marketing to make sure you can maximize your potential for online sales.

You can make your ad stand out by

It’s time to submit the greatest web advertisement now that you’ve completed the portfolio, restored your bike, and gathered all the necessary papers. Your advertisement is likely to receive the most views because you already have quality images, but that is insufficient. Make sure your advertisement has a succinct, snappy, and attention-grabbing title.


Intelligent pricing is the key

The pricing point is the most important consideration when working with used motorcycles or autos. Therefore, what exactly is intelligent pricing and how is it set?

  • Conduct a search of similar used motorcycles to yours that are available on several websites that sell old bikes.
  • Choose a somewhat more expensive but respectable price and indicate “negotiable” in the advertisement’s title.
  • Your ad will get more interested customers because you marked it as negotiable.

The advertisement should be promoted through social media:

The finest internet venue for publicizing your ad for a used motorcycle is social media. You may prepare a quality video and post it to your YouTube channel. You may plan a variety of promotional posts if you have a sizable Facebook friend list. Additionally, you may join several Facebook “Buy and Sell” groups and pages that might assist you in securing the greatest offer. As well as you can spread the news with your own social media channels such as Instagram and WhatsApp etc. This can help you find more relevant and trusted buyers for your used motorcycle. Due to your personal connections buyers can help them trust you a little bit easier Although it always been much harder for you to negotiate with known ones. But it’ll always satisfy you that motorcycle you loved is in safer hands.