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International Hotel Supply Company provides a broad assortment of hotel and hospitality products from Dzee Textiles USA in a manner that is both accessible and easy to shop for all in one location.

D-ZEE is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive selection of high-quality, attractive, and long-lasting hospitality items. Our primary objective is to provide items to the hospitality sector that are characterised by their durability, longevity, and value. By offering a hotel with high-quality goods at rates that cannot be beaten, it is our mission to cut down on the hotel’s unnecessary expenses. Because we have been in this industry for more than 15 years, we have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of our clients. As a result, we put all of our products through stringent quality control procedures to ensure that they can withstand institutional laundering and provide a significantly higher number of washes.

With the assistance of a technically proficient workforce that is both highly qualified and experienced, as well as cutting-edge manufacturing methods, we are able to produce and sell high-value hospitality items. This is our primary source of competitive advantage. We have a Customer Care Team that is very responsive and competent, and they will be available to assist you for the whole of your engagement with us in order to assist you in meeting your business goals. Our value offer is as straightforward as it gets: Extremely durable items at rates that cannot be beaten, accompanied by hassle-free shipping and outstanding customer service.


In addition to ensuring that their guests have a restful night’s sleep, what else can a hotel owner do to build a positive reputation?

After a long journey, a restful night’s sleep is something that every visitor will desire, and we all know that the quality of the bed sheets and pillow is one of the most crucial components of a restful night’s sleep. The comfort of the hotel’s guests is always given the highest priority, and the hotel makes every effort to implement the alterations to the guest rooms that are most often requested by customers. A hotel visitor should never complain about the bed sheets and pillows provided in their room since these are two standard amenities that are provided in all hotel rooms.

If you are searching for methods to increase the quality of the stay that you are providing for your visitors, updating the sheets that are presently in use to quality bedding may be the correct solution for you.

We are pleased to present to you today the most incredible sheets, which are an exact match for the one you have been searching for.

Luxurious Satin Sheets Embroidered with Swiss Stripes

The Swiss Stripe Luxury Sheets are woven in a sateen pattern using a combination of combed cotton (60%) and polyester (40%) and feature tone-on-tone stripes measuring 8 millimetres in width. the fabric has been double-singed, mercerized, and calendared, and it has a finishing that is micro-white and crease-resistant.

A stylish style is added by the top hem measuring 3 inches and the bottom hem measuring 1 inch. The deep pockets provide a tight fit and a solid grasp to any form. As a result of its sateen weave, it has both a sumptuous gloss and a velvety softness.

Reduce costs associated with housekeeping and eliminate the need to frequently restock with high-performance stitching that can withstand institutional laundering. Additionally, save time with Easy ID color-coded hems and labels, which improve productivity by simplifying the process of sorting and bed make-up.