How Can I Use My Favourite Apple iPad Around The Home?

The iPad Air is much more than a portable movie screen or laptop. It gives you a range of motion you never experienced before while offering unseen opportunities to become creative in new areas. You can also use it to unlock and try new hobbies and discover new adventures – all in the comfort of your house. Find out how you can use your iPad Air around the home.

  1. Garden
    Your iPad can help bring out the farmer in you. Do you have a green thumb? Or you can’t distinguish a rose from a daisy? The iPad is the perfect tool, whether you secretly love gardening or have no clue. You can start by downloading apps that allow you to landscape your garden or start your farm virtually. Some apps show you the best season for various vegetables and plants. You can even plan your harvest, work on a backup plan and receive planting reminders by email. Some apps even store the location of your plants for up to five years, allowing you to track your failures and successes. Or, if walking in nature is your thing, use the iPad to discover, name, and save native plants, flowers, and shrubs. Some apps allow you to search by a long list of filters, including growing conditions, seasons, benefits to wildlife, color, and description.
  2. Bathroom
    The iPad has become a constant companion in the bathroom. However, experts do not recommend using it while sitting on the toilet for safety and hygienic reasons. Studies show that quite a high rate of iPads break by falling in the bowl. Beyond that, you can use the iPad to listen to your favorite podcast while getting ready. Or watch a movie while having a bath. Or play relaxing, meditative music as you go through your self-care night routine. The iPad offers excellent assistance if you want a new makeup look – run a search online and follow a tutorial step-by-step as you practice how to draw winged eyeliner, for example. You can also use it to video call family or loved ones to chat, catch up, or get ready together virtually for a night out.
  3. Kitchen
    Channel your inner Julia Childs or favorite master chef with the iPad. There are millions of recipes online available on a multitude of apps. Rediscover your favorite childhood dishes on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. Or run a search on the web to pull up hundreds of thousands of search results for recipes from around the world. Filter by dietary requirements such as gluten, dairy, nut-free or keto, high-protein, and Mediterranean diets. Discover traditional dishes and create themed dinner parties for your loved ones. The kitchen can never be dull when you have the globe’s recipes at your fingertips. Some apps and websites even allow you to select the ingredients missing from your pantry and create a shopping list. And if you are unsure how to cream butter and sugar or whip up egg whites, you can easily find the tutorial you need to save the day. Some apps even include a cooking function, which prevents the iPad screen from dimming. This keeps you from constantly switching it on in the middle of a recipe.

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  1. Bedroom
    Take your iPad to the bedroom and settle down to watch your favorite movie. You can stream it on a larger screen with the AppleTV or connect the device with an HDMI cable. Or you can read your favorite book – it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Catch up on those friend group chats and emails, or organize a fun event with the family. Just a note – experts recommend that you avoid looking at a screen for at least 20 minutes before going to sleep to allow your body and mind to relax. You can fully utilize the iPad Air’s Downtime function to switch off automatically. Go to Settings > Screen Time, then turn on Screen Time if you haven’t already. Tap Downtime, then turn on Downtime. Select Every Day or Customize Days, then set the start and end times.
  2. Living Room
    The living room is the place where your iPad switches from being a babysitter, entertainer, or teacher. Keep the kids busy with a fun game or cartoon while under your watchful eye. Or play a game while your loved ones watch their favorite series on the television. You can even use the iPad to stream a movie or video on the screen. Or, movies aside, transform your living area into a makeshift gym or yoga studio. Roll out your mat and stream your favorite workout. The great thing about home workouts is that you can do them anytime.

The iPad is one of the most versatile gadgets that can shapeshift into almost any role or function for any household member. It is essential to keep it safe by investing in the best iPad air 10.9 case. The Zugu iPad Air case offers major drop protection against a five-foot drop in concrete. It also has a kickstand case with eight adjustable angles and a secure magnetic mount to attach to any metallic surface.

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