How to Deal with The Current Instagram Algorithms

Instagram, like any other social media platform out there, also uses certain algorithms to determine what content should pop for each user. If your account looks more appealing to the algorithm, chances are your content will get promoted, thus resulting in higher engagement and followers.

Surely, everyone wants to look better in front of the algorithm, it’s only natural. So those who want to get more Instagram followers free, can work their way to optimize their account and content better.

Now, how to deal with the everchanging Instagram algorithms?

The Best Strategy to Adapt

Changes in the social media algorithm that have occurred recently have not only had a big impact on its users but also on digital marketing actors in various parts of the world. This change applies to almost all popular social media, from Facebook, and Twitter, to Instagram.

In line with Facebook, Instagram which is very popular among smartphone users also recently overhauled its algorithm. No longer displaying content chronologically, content display in the interface (Feed) for each user now seems random and less relevant than before.

So what do you need to consider so that your marketing strategy on Instagram can work effectively? Here are some things you need to pay attention to:

1. Focus on achieving high levels of engagement

The Instagram algorithm is now concerned with the engagement factor of its users towards content rather than the upload timeline. These factors include:

  • Number of likes,
  • Comment,
  • The duration of a video watched,
  • Share,
  • Sending messages via Direct Message, and
  • A number of other interactions.

The order of photos and videos in your Instagram Feed on your account is based on your history of interest in a certain type of content, your relationship with the person who uploaded the content, and the timeliness when the content was published.

When content gets a lot of interactions, Instagram’s algorithms will consider the content to be of high quality. The algorithm then tends to display that content in other users’ Feeds, where it can then potentially be seen by even more people. In this case, you can also use the followers app as an alternative.

2. Use Stories More

It’s no secret that Facebook is focusing on developing the instant video feature, otherwise known as Stories, on almost all of the social media platforms they manage. Even though its appearance is quite controversial because it is considered to be imitating a similar function on Snapchat, it cannot be denied that this feature is very popular so it can be superior.

Even though there is no official response from Instagram, the algorithm in it is believed to take into account all interactions that occur in Stories. The interaction in question starts from sending messages, to when your created content is forwarded to other users.

The more users interact with your Instagram Stories posts, the more likely it is that your content will appear on their Feed page.

One trick to get around this algorithm is to make effective use of the interactive functions on Instagram Stories. You can provide a call-to-message message, take advantage of the poll feature, or include a website link (only available for business-type accounts that already have more than 10,000 followers). To further increase the level of interactions, you can also use Insta followers Pro, a recommended and legit follower app that may work best in this situation.


To face the changing Instagram algorithm, you have no other choice but to adapt to everything. Use the newer features more, and stay focused on increasing the level of engagement. It may take a while to finally feel the result, but it’ll be worth it in the end.