How to Send Gifts Safely Abroad to Your Friends in Mailer boxes?

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Sending international gifts can be a significant challenge if someone close to you lives abroad. With so many emotions and traditions involved, you want the gift to arrive safely at its destination without problems. The companies that make  understand how to make this process hassle-free. 

Before sending a gift via international shipping, there are some basic things you need to know. Here are some tips that help you send a gift via international shipping:


There are different ways countries treat gifts, but in many countries, gifts are exempted from duties and taxes if they are less than the declared value. This special access status applies only to gift baskets and usually has a maximum quantity. The gift box is levied if you exceed the maximum limit. 

You can check the destination country requirements before shipping. For example, in the US, gifts under $100 are exempted. However, in Canada, gifts of $60 or less are exempted. 

Prohibited Matters

Different countries have different lists of what is and is not allowed as a gift. Therefore, you need to read the guidelines for the country you wish to send to before purchasing a gift.

It’s also worth remembering that the courier company may reject some items. Some items that require temperature control, such as alcohol, flowers, glassware, tobacco, and perishable foods, are prohibited from being shipped by courier service. And even if they can be shipped by courier service, you cannot guarantee their safety.

Items that cannot be transported include alcohol, perfume, lighters, lithium batteries, and photographic materials.

Customs Requirements for International Shipments

After completing your order, you will be asked to fill out an adjustment form. You need to refer to the customization page for the destination country for the conditions under which the gift can be given.

You need to mention everything clearly when filling out the customs form to avoid further trouble. It is also necessary to provide absolute details when filling out the form. Calling it a gift can cause problems. Therefore, it is essential to make it clear and tell about books, toys, candies, etc. 

You also need to state the value of the gift on the customs declaration, the higher the price, the higher the import duty. So first, check the country’s duty-free entry restrictions. The customs declaration will also ask for the recipient’s phone number, so message the recipient to get this information.

Indicate Instructions to the Delivery Person on the Package

The package handler cannot know what is in the package. Therefore, it is necessary to take the time to indicate the contents of the package so that the person handling the package knows what is inside.

If the package is fragile or you do not want it to be folded, please tell the delivery person. It will ensure that the package reaches its destination safely. Gifts can be packaged in custom folding cartons with the filling of bubble wrap to fix your gifts. These fillings will save your fragile items to break.

How to Pack for International Shipping

As for custom maile boxes wholesale packaging guidelines, the first step is to choose a new box that will best protect the gift. Use gift bags instead of wrapping paper for outer packaging. You can also get custom box packaging for it.

The packaging should be sturdy enough to withstand long distances. The shipping company will protect and manage the shipment, but it’s wise to make sure the gift is welcomed. You can buy wrapping materials or use recycled items. For example, newspaper or plastic bags can be the best to wrap the gift securely.

Send Gifts by Express

Gifts can use specialized courier services such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, and you can check the delivery status of your gift simply by logging into their respective tracking portals. However, these couriers may charge recipients customs duties or import taxes and require passport information, so try to avoid them if possible.

If you don’t want to use a courier, you can use an international gift sending site. Here you just select the item, and the supplier does the rest. They offer a variety of flowers, cakes, personalized gifts, gift baskets, and gift cards. These online stores offer affordable prices than international shipping.

Consider Insurance

If you’re giving a unique and valuable gift, consider insuring it. If anything happens during shipping, you’ll appreciate having insurance. Some couriers offer free insurance for a certain amount. So, you can include your gift.

Consider the Time it Takes to Arrive

International shipping takes time, so do not send perishable items that may spoil in transit. When sending food, you need to take precautions strategically. Check the country’s customs website first, as couriers and recipient countries often restrict certain food items.

Precautions When Sending Money

It is common for money to be given as a gift and stolen. Therefore, special care should be taken when giving money as a gift. Make sure you don’t see money on the envelope and don’t write “cash” on the package.

Include a Return Address

Write the return address on the outside and inside of the package. So, if something goes wrong, the shipping firm can return the gift without being lost forever.