How to Treat Lower Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

If you suffer from lower back pain, it may be time to consider chiropractic care. A Fremont Chiropractor can help relieve your pain by making spinal adjustments as needed. Chiropractic care is effective for many people suffering from lower back pain. Chiropractic doctors are trained to treat the cause of back pain, which may include a slipped disc. To learn more about chiropractic care, read on! Here are some of the advantages of visiting a chiropractor for your back pain.

Low-velocity spinal manipulation

The goal of low-velocity spinal manipulation for lower back discomfort is to relieve the underlying causes of the problem, not simply to alleviate the pain. Patients commonly report an audible pop during spinal manipulation, which is not related to the outcome of the intervention. Researchers have proposed different biomechanical explanations for this phenomenon, including the snapping back of distended capsular ligaments and movements of fat pads in the zygapophyseal joint.

The mechanism by which spinal manipulation affects the central nervous system is not entirely understood, but it is possible to understand how it works. Inflammation in the spine is triggered by stimuli that do not cause pain. By inhibiting inflammation and increasing blood circulation, spinal manipulation may help relieve lower back pain by reducing inflammatory markers. This may be an alternative to medications that are not effective for lower back pain.

Chiropractic release work

What does Chiropractic release work for lower back pain entail? A Fremont Chiropractor uses the techniques of active release to help relieve the pain from disc injuries. Patients lie on a specially designed table while a Fremont Chiropractor gently flexes the spine to isolate and move the affected discs. The aim of these techniques is to move the disc away from the nerves, which helps reduce inflammation and pain. Chiropractic Treatment helps restore mobility to your joints and muscles.

X-rays and other imaging tests are not helpful for diagnosis. Most back pain resolves within a few weeks. Not only are they costly, but they also expose you to high-risk radiation, which may increase the risk of cancer. Besides, unnecessary imaging tests often lead to pain-killing medications and even surgery, which can be risky. While some chiropractors may have to check the patient first before performing a chiropractic adjustment, other conditions like osteoporosis and fractures may justify imaging.


Whether or not to get x-rays for lower back pain chiropractic treatment depends on the underlying cause of the problem. Chiropractors typically use x-rays to rule out other conditions, such as fractures or degeneration of the spine. However, these tests are not always necessary and not cover by insurance. X-rays can provide Fremont Chiropractor with important information about the structure of the body that can help them decide the best treatment for their patients.

Despite controversy regarding the benefits and risks of routine spinal X-rays, chiropractic practitioners have a long history of using them in clinical practice. Early X-ray technology was incorporated into chiropractic clinical examinations as early as 1910. The aim was to visualize spinal alignment and direct appropriate treatment. Since then, chiropractors have gained a license for X-ray use and ownership. Several groups support routine spinal X-rays in chiropractic care. This review will summarize the available evidence and discuss its place within a patient-centered approach.


While you may be wondering how Fremont Chiropractor treat lower back pain, the good news is that they use non-invasive, non-addictive chiropractic techniques. While many people take OTC pain medications to manage their back pain, this type of treatment is safer and non-addictive. Moreover, many patients find chiropractic care to be more effective than pain medications. Here are some of the reasons why chiropractic care is better for back pain than drugs.

Traditional medical care for low back pain involves a combination of medication and spinal manipulation. Other treatments may involve manual therapies, ice and heat therapy, and rehabilitative exercises. In one study, patients treated with both types of care had moderately greater pain intensity and improved disability scores than those receiving only medical care. A recent study reported similar results. However, many doctors are hesitant to provide chiropractic treatment to their patients because of the cost.

Lifestyle factors

Research has shown that approximately 12% of adults experience low back pain on a daily basis. While it is not a disease, back pain is a common symptom of various medical conditions. As a result, the U.S. economy loses over $100 billion every year due to back pain, and it is the number one cause of disability in the world. Getting treated for back pain is important to improve your quality of life.

Chiropractors who treat LBRLP are more likely to offer other spinal conditions in addition to Lower Back Pain treatment. In fact, a third of their patients report having referred pain affecting thoracic and neck regions. This suggests that the pain in these areas may be part of a general musculoskeletal disorder, with many people reporting pain in more than one musculoskeletal site. Because of this, chiropractic treatment for lower back pain may be particularly important if a person experiences pain at several sites.