The most famous leather jackets in Cinema and Music

Leather jackets are perfect for creating rebellious and attractive looks, like the risky aviator Maverick in “Top Gun” or the adventurous Indiana Jones. Like them, other stars of art and entertainment have made this garment their favorite throughout history. On this occasion, we tell you that celebrities such as John Travolta, Freddie Mercury, and Michael Jackson were the pioneers of this fashion, turning leather jackets into garments that everyone wants to have in their closets. So if you want to know who else it is about and what are the most famous leather jackets, keep reading!

The most famous leather jackets in the cinema

The cinema is mainly responsible for the massive use of these jackets, which we love. In the early ’50s, for example, Marlon Brando in “Savage” promoted its use among the bad boys of the time. However, we have also seen other indelible styles in the public’s memory in films such as Grease, Top Gun, Indiana Jones, Mad Max, and The Aviator.

John Travolta’s perfect classic leather jackets

John Travolta leather jacket

Danny’s personality made him the Bad boy we all sighed for. Undoubtedly, an element that brought rebellion to the character was the leather jacket that he used in the film. It is a perfect classic, with a few metallic details, a zipper closure, and the T-Birds logo on the back.

This jacket is a classic that will never go out of style. In the film, you can see its combination with unicolor shirts and black pants, which favored the protagonist’s look, making him more charming.

 So, if you want to create a grunge-rebel look, you should be inspired by John Travolta’s outfit.

Tom Cruise’s bomber leather jackets

top gun jacket

Although the success of “Top Gun” is mostly due to the magnificent piloting scenes, the jacket worn by the popular Maverick has not gone unnoticed since the movie was released.

The most glorified scenes were those where Tom’s character wore a brown bomber-style jacket, similar to those worn by pilots in the first half of the 20th century: thick leather, with a wool-lined collar and patches everywhere.

Harrison Ford’s indy leather jackets

indy jacket

 I’m sure you didn’t take your eyes off the fantastic jacket Professor Jones wore on his travels. This garment has a rather elegant design that allows for somewhat sober outfits, without falling into the extremely sophisticated.

Compared to classic pilot jackets, indy jackets are garments whose final design has a “bi-swing” type back and side belts for greater comfort and mobility, characteristics that allowed actor Harrison Ford to work better with the whip.

Mel Gibson’s indestructible leather jackets in Mad Max

Mel Gibson's leather jacket

If you’re looking for an example of an invincible jacket, it’s the one worn by Mel Gibson in Mad Max. 

Well, despite the ambush, his jacket stayed almost intact throughout the film: he only lost one sleeve. Leather is undoubtedly one of the most wear-resistant materials, so napa leather can easily be the perfect material for superheroes or action characters. So, if your goal is to invest in a durable and weatherproof garment, a leather jacket is the best option, but let’s ask George Miller. Likewise, its design is classic and exudes ruggedness, ideal for both casual and edgy occasions such as motorcycle riding.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s brown leather jackets

Leonardo DiCaprio's leather jacket

In “The Aviator,” DiCaprio played Howard Hughes, a film director, and producer as well as an aviation pioneer. The tape Yes or Yes was to incorporate the wardrobe typical of airplane pilots of the 1940s (the time in which Hughes piloted his own planes).

In particular, the elegant brown leather bomber jacket stands out among the entire wardrobe. Do you remember her? This jacket breaks with the traditional pattern a bit as it has buttons at the bottom and cuffs instead of elastic. Also, the traditional central closure is replaced by a series of buttons arranged on the right side. A design with a lot of character that is cool on cold days.

The most famous leather jackets in music

While the big screen has popularized many leather jackets, the music scene is not far behind, because as we know, these are garments that set trends in many cultures, including pop and rock.

Michael Jackson Thriller leather Jackets

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

Who does not remember the red jacket that Michael wore in the Thriller video? This jacket is so famous that many people continue to emulate it today, they also define it as the most iconic garment in the history of rock and roll, and, honestly, it is not for less.

Its design stands out, especially for the black V-shaped stripes and the unusual style of the adjustment buttons. It also has an M stamped on the back which is undoubtedly the best of all, as it makes it clear who the King of Pop is.

Iconic yellow leather jackets of Freddie Mercury

Iconic yellow jacket

At the presentation at Wembley Stadium (London) on 12 July 1986, Queen gave a three-hour concert to 70,000 people, who were captivated by a great musical show and especially the famous yellow jacket and mustache. of the gang leader

The garment draws attention for its intense color and impeccable design since it does not border on the ridiculous. With this extraordinary style, Freddie Mercury went down in history and received many positive reviews, so love it, with bright jackets and dare to be out of the ordinary. At Juan Pina, we know a lot about that.

Elvis Presley’s rocker jackets

Elvis Presley's rocker jacket

He also takes the fashion icon award thanks to his amazing leather jackets. Elvis was one of those celebrities who promoted a rebellious style of clothing during the ultra-conservative era of the 20th century. For this reason, one outfit we’ll never forget about the singer is his leather jacket, which features a central or crossed zipper closure, military-style shoulder pads, and chest-level pockets. This style represented the youth called rebels without a cause. Instead, now we don’t need to misbehave to wear this type of jacket.

Leather jackets that made women famous

Although jackets have been a garment mainly for men since their origins, women have also made them fashion icons.

Olivia Newton-John Leather Jackets

Olivia Newton-John Leather Jacket

This actress is a benchmark of 50’s fashion thanks to the fact that she starred in Grease. After the success of the film, the use of windbreakers among girls was massively promoted. Is there anything more iconic than this? Surely you already know that we are talking about the fantastic black leather jacket.

The character of Sandy wore it to look more attractive, a goal she achieved. Since his lover, Danny has not stopped surrendering at her feet. So if your goal is the same as that of the protagonist, a classic leather jacket would suit you.

Madonna leather jackets

Madonna leather jacket

The Queen of Pop is a fashion icon. Everything she wears immediately begins to be copied by her fans (and not so fans).

Jackets aren’t dominating Madonna’s range of iconic outfits, though. Early in his career, there are several forms that set his tone. Looking like a bad girl, the artist donned a leather jacket and short blonde hair to film the video clip for her song Papa Don’t Pain After the release, every girl in the world was dying to adopt the rockstar style of the Queen of Pop.

Shakira’s golden leather jackets

Shakira's golden jacket

We couldn’t end without highlighting the style of one of the greatest Spanish-speaking artists. Who has been the protagonist of the best organizations? In February 2020, she surprised us all with her performance at the Super Bowl intermission, where she wore a glittering gold bomber jacket encrusted with sequins and diamonds that featured a cut-out waist so Shaq could easily dance.

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