I bought a filter coffee maker instead of a Turk and finally relaxed

I love coffee and have been drinking it for a long time. Previously, I cooked it in a Turkish pot, the most ordinary copper one, with a wooden handle. It took a long time before I learned to do it tolerably.

One day I was given an electric Turk as a gift. It works like an electric kettle: you need to pour water, add coffee and place it on a stand with a wire. It was convenient to use in the office where I worked: there was no other coffee nearby, and instant coffee did not suit me.

There is one problem with both types of Turks: I forget to turn them off. I get distracted easily, and if I don’t stand over the Turks, the stove, table, and floor are guaranteed to be flooded with boiling coffee. This was terribly annoying, and I often wondered how to drink coffee without wiping it off almost every time. So I started looking for other ways to make coffee.

In the hierarchy of brewing methods, the next level of complexity seemed to me to be geyser, then capsule and complex large coffee makers with coffee grinders. I didn’t know about the filter at all and was already thinking about buying some serious coffee machine. They were stopped by their prices and the need for maintenance – after all, it is a complex device.

Geyser ones disappeared immediately: I saw several times how friends make coffee in such coffee makers, and then wash all these parts. And again you need to watch! Not my option.

It turned out that there are small filter coffee makers on sale . “These are the ones from which in American films all the police always drink coffee!” – was the first thought. This is how I got a Bosch coffee maker. I didn’t specifically choose it, I took it almost by accident, but I’m happy with the result.

The process is simple: pour the required amount of water into the coffee maker’s container, insert a paper filter into the cone, pour coffee into it and turn on the button. All. The water is heated and boiling water is poured a little at a time into the cone, and from there into a tempered glass jug. There is no need to watch: when all the water has passed through the ground coffee into the jug, the finished drink in it is also heated while you drink the first cup.

All you had to do was buy filters into which you actually need to pour ground coffee. Mine is from Melitta. She has different types of filters – for those who like stronger coffee, for example.

I managed to buy four boxes at a discount from Familia, they lasted for a year. This brand of filters is perhaps the most famous. The discounted box cost 79 ₽, but now the prices are different. My supply is coming to an end – I’m choosing new filters on Ozone while I’m still thinking.

I already had a coffee grinder, also from Bosch – I chose it based on reviews. This is a popular model that has received a lot of praise. I buy beans and grind them a little every three to four days, I don’t pour the ground coffee anywhere, I use a coffee grinder to store it.

Last year I was given a Philips cappuccino maker. At first I didn’t think that I needed it at all, and I wasn’t going to buy it. But she was wrong – a wonderful thing! Foam can be obtained from any milk; the taste of a drink with foam seems more pleasant and sweeter to me – I drink coffee without sugar.

What I like about the filter coffee maker:

I don’t regulate anything during the cooking process myself;
there is no need to monitor the process;
you can always drink another cup, and it will be hot, and you don’t need to brew the coffee again;
I know that my drink does not contain milk powder, sugar or other additives, which I cannot say about capsules, for example;
no wrappers or debris like capsules;
I can brew a lot of coffee at once if guests come, or just one cup;
from maintenance – only regular rinsing with anti-scale and standard washing of parts in contact with coffee: I rinse the jug and its lid every day immediately after brewing, wash it and the filter cone in the dishwasher once a month;
low price for consumables. I once broke a jug – on Avito I found the same coffee maker with a whole jug, it seems, for 500 ₽.
What I don’t like is that if the coffee sits on the heat for a long time, the taste deteriorates. I just try not to let it get to that point. But the advantages still outweigh.

There was a plan, if you didn’t like it, to move up the hierarchy to more serious machines, but until such a need arose, everything was fine. And the old Turk has been collecting dust for a long time without use.