I found a good spring mattress 180 × 200 cm after Ikea left Russia

After Ikea left Russia, I realized what an important part of the furniture market it was.

Like many, I had a problem choosing household goods, namely, I needed a spring mattress.

And it’s not that there’s nothing to choose from, there are analogues. For example, Askona, which developed part of the product range for the Swedish retailer. But they don’t have that specific IKEA line for their own sales, and similar simple models are more expensive without discounts.

Tinkoff Magazine published guides “How to choose the right mattress” and “How I bought an orthopedic mattress for my mother ,” where the authors outlined the main criteria for choosing these products. I took their recommendations as a basis, added my own preferences to them and compiled a selection for those who are buying a mattress for the first time. I’ll tell you what to focus on and whether it’s realistic to buy a “royal” mattress for 20 thousand rubles.

The average lifespan of a mattress is 8-12 years ; with proper care, it can last longer. For reference: according to the Avtotek service, about a third of Russians even change their cars more often – once every  4-5 years. So you should take the choice of a mattress seriously, because you will be using it for a long time.

I needed a mattress that met the following criteria:

  • size 180 × 200 cm ;
  • hardness is average or slightly below average;
  • independent spring block;
  • taking into account the difference in weight of more than 30 kg or the minimum weight per sleeping place is 110 kg – so that both me and my partner can sleep comfortably;
  • absence of natural latex and coir in the filler composition. Coir is a fiber made from coconut husks. Latex contains rubber. Both materials are allergens, and I am allergic.

It was also important to me that the product had a long warranty. If during the warranty period the mattress deteriorates for reasons beyond your control, the manufacturer can replace or repair it. Some sellers also offer an extended warranty – for example, when purchasing a protective case. I have identified such mattresses in a separate category.

How to choose a good spring mattress

Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a mattress. Keep in mind the formula “more springs = higher price,” but do not forget that a product with more springs will last longer.

An independent spring block is an option for those who want the mattress to last a long time. Such mattresses have from 250 to 2500 springs per bed. Each spring is in a separate fabric cover, so if one breaks, the rest will not follow it.

The more springs, the smaller they are and the more precisely they adapt to the sleeper’s body: the springs support all areas of the body so that the heavy ones do not fall through and the light ones do not take off. Typically, mattresses with more springs are more expensive.

Some sellers indicate in the description the number of springs not per bed, but per square meter. To figure it out, remember: the sleeping area is 2 m². That is, the conditional 500 springs per square meter and 1000 springs per bed are the same  thing .

Select filler material. It all depends on personal preference. If you are allergic to  some material and you are not sure that it is not included in the product, it is better to check with the seller several times.

Find out what thickness of filling the mattress has and how many layers it is laid in. With a minimum thickness, there will be no effect from the springs; sleeping will be uncomfortable.

The optimal layer height is 3-4 cm. The minimum thickness is 1-2 cm.

Decide on the firmness of the mattress. Types of hardness – high, medium or low – are always indicated in the product data sheet. The greater the load on the mattress, the greater the rigidity should be.

Choose something proven. Start with reviews. Then study the certification of the goods offered by the seller, see what guarantees he gives. And remember that a reliable manufacturer has no secrets from the buyer: if you have the opportunity to test the products in the store, be sure to do so.

The standard warranty for a new mattress can be from one and a half years. It all depends on the materials used in production. For more expensive and wear-resistant products, the seller can set a warranty of  20-30 years , but it will apply to different types of damage and defects. Therefore, before you buy a mattress, read the warranty guide on the manufacturer’s website.

Take care of your mattress. If it is double-sided, it needs to be turned over regularly: manufacturers recommend swapping sides â€œhead and legs” once every three months, top and bottom – once or twice a year. Clean – once every six months. And don’t forget about the mattress pad, especially if you’re counting on a warranty.