Is 200mbps Good For Gaming?

Is 200mbps Good For Gaming?

When we want to game, the last thing we want to have to deal with is slow, laggy internet. Our can make all the difference when we are gaming. It can turn something fun into something incredibly stressful. So is 200mbps good for gaming? And if it isn’t, what is as good speed?

Is 200mbps Good For Gaming?

What Is MBPS?

Mbps stands for megabits per second and it is the measurement of internet bandwidth. Bandwidth is the download rate of your internet, so the higher the mbps, the faster the download rate.

When we think about gaming though, we don’t just need to know about download rate, we also need to consider ping rate or latency.

Latency is just as, if not more important than download rate, this is because it is the latency (or ping) that can determine if the game lags when you are playing. If you are playing an online game, you are sending requests to the server, the length of time that the server takes to action your request is the ping rate.

If your ping rate is slow, you will struggle to work in a team with other players, who have a fast ping rate, says Branton from PC Game Haven.

Is 200Mbps Good For Gaming?

If you don’t have an internet contract that can give you up to 200 mbps per second, don’t worry, this is a very high speed that not everyone can access. In reality, the minimum download speed you will need for most online games is minimum 3 mbps if it is just you playing in the house.

Please bear in mind that this is the absolute minimum speed and you won’t have very good game play with this, so you would be better off having at least 24-30mbps.

How Can I Speed Up My Internet Connection?

internet speed

If you don’t think you are getting the right speeds that your provider has promised and your game play is laggy and slow, there are ways that you can speed it up. First, use a broadband checker to make sure you are getting the right speeds. If you aren’t, then you can take this up with your provider to make sure you are getting your monies worth.

Use An Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable

If you are getting the right speeds and your game play is still being slow, come off the Wi-Fi and plug your computer into the router. This removes the problems of walls and other obstacles and you’ll have a far stronger signal. If plugging your PC into your router isn’t an option, you could try moving your router to a better location.

Wi-Fi signals travel best downward and don’t do so well when trying to travel through walls or round corners, so place it in a location where you won’t have an issue getting the best signal possible.

Replace Your Router


It could well be that your router is on its way out and needs replacing.

Final Thoughts

200mbps is an awesome gaming speed, especially if you have a low ping rate or latency. You don’t need that much bandwidth to game, but if there are a lot of people and devices in your house, the more bandwidth you can get, the better. 

If you find yourself in the position where your internet connection is still being slow, test it out and then contact your provider to see if there is any way that they can speed it up for you. You may well require a new router, or you may simply need an ethernet cable to get the best from your internet connection.

Specifications According to Devices

Here are some recommendations based on the gaming device uses are using for playing online games. The ping rate and speed that will be recommended will be based on what is currently available for best and top gaming devices.

Earlier versions of these devices like Play station 3 and 4 will also work smoothly under these specifications. We have also included latency, which is calculated using the ping rate as one of our parameters because it is one of the significant factors for a flawless gaming experience.


Xbox consists of thousands of games and is extremely popular globally. With over 2200 games, which include 200 exclusive games that come with Xbox one and 600 classic games that came with Xbox 360, playing on Xbox is undoubtedly a dream-like experience for any real gamer. Recently, Xbox crossed more than 10 million users worldwide. The specifications required for a smooth game on Xbox are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:0.5 Mbps
  • Ping Rate: 150 milliseconds

Play Station 4

Play station is one of the biggest names when it comes to gaming platforms. You can join great warriors, your favorite sportsperson, and other gaming legends on PS4.  Not only can you play exclusive games on PS4 but also stream or download your favorite TV shows from Amazon, Netflix, or any other streaming service. Play station also offers a Virtual reality feature where you can enter a whole new world and have a breath-taking experience.

The specifications required for playing on Play station are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:1Mbps
  • Ping Rate: 150 milliseconds (estimated)

The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is a Japanese game making company, who became popular after the release of the famous game Mario.  Nintendo does not provide its internet speed recommendations on its official website, but it is mentioned in the troubleshooting guide some basic requirements related to downloading and uploading speed. The main factor that causes the problem here is the ping rate, as there is no mention of the ping rate in the troubleshooting guide.

The minimum specifications required for playing on Play station are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:1Mbps
  • Ping Rate: Not applicable