Is it true that nail clipping is close to heart disease?

Nail clipping close to heart disease is a rumor that spreads quickly by word of mouth. Almost everyone has heard of this. However, many people believe, but there are also many people who do not believe. So does nail clipping really affect the heart or not? Let’s listen to the doctor explain this!

Benefits of keeping nails short

Many of you love to keep your nails short. Just seeing that the nail is longer than the flesh at the tip of the finger is uncomfortable and must be cut immediately. Keeping nails short brings many benefits such as:

  • Keep nails clean.
  • Easy to operate in daily life.
  • Short nails won’t hurt when broken or accidentally grazed the skin.

However, the concept of short nails varies from person to person. Some subjects leave part of the nail when cutting to protect the finger. But many other subjects cut very close to their nails, seeing the red meat inside, creating an unsafe and sick feeling when looking at them. Because of this, people wonder if nail clipping close to heart disease or not?

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The relationship between nails and heart

The extremities are where many of the body’s nerves are concentrated. So does the finger. However, the nerves in the fingers are emotional nerves, which help us perceive cold and hot objects, feel pain when touching rough objects, etc. In addition, fingers also have nerves. The nervous system helps regulate the body’s temperature. However, in terms of nails, nails and heart have nothing to do with each other.

The health effects of close nail clipping are caused by a number of other problems and factors.

The truth is that nail clipping is close to heart disease

Until now, doctors or experts have not been able to come up with a proven reason for nail clipping close to heart disease . Because, these are two discrete parts and not related to each other.

However, there are still many people who think that they feel their heart is affected by biting their nails or cutting their nails too close to the flesh. But in fact, this is due to another reason. However, cutting fingernails closely is not harmful to the heart, but the action is recommended by experts not even in children or adults. 

What’s wrong with cutting fingernails?

Although cutting nails helps keep hands clean, as well as avoids bacteria hiding under nails, creating accidental scratches on the skin.

However, cutting nails close to the fingertips is not recommended because it will bring many other risks. In particular, this action will cause wounds, easy infection, infection if sharing nail clippers, etc. For children, especially babies, nail clipping is extremely dangerous and dangerous. easy to cause the baby to bleed.

The harmful effects of close nail clipping

Although the answer to cutting nails close to heart disease is NO. However, the act of cutting nails close to the nail flesh will bring unpredictable harm such as:

Pain, pain, discomfort

The pain of being cut close to the nail is listed along with the pain of the tooth. It gives us a dull, uncomfortable feeling of pain.

When you cut too deep into the nail, you accidentally cut the soft tissue and cause the nail to swell quickly. At the same time, the deep wound will bleed and cause a long-term pain that is difficult to stop.

In particular, if severe, the wound will last for several months, affecting your activities and activities. In particular, for toenails, you will not be able to wear shoes and walk normally until the wound is completely healed.

High risk of infection

If you think the wound when cutting the nail close to the flesh is not serious. Then you are wrong.

The nails, especially the corners, are extremely difficult to clean. Not to mention the wound has not yet healed, but the nail has grown, which is even more uncomfortable and difficult to clean. Especially for the toenail area, an area that is rarely cleaned, often covered with dirt and bacteria if you wear closed-toe shoes.

All these factors will make the wound susceptible to infection, the risk of infection to neighboring skin areas, especially the corner of the nail, is extremely high.

At this time, the nail will be swollen, inflamed and appear pus. To get the pus out, there is no other way you have to use a special tool to get the corner and get the pus.

If not handled properly, the wound gets worse and affects the nail, causing nail death.

Causing ingrown nails, nails poking flesh

Maybe nail clipping is heart disease we can’t see yet. But it’s very common to cut the nail close enough to cause the nail to grow back and poke into the flesh.

This is the case when the nail grows long, piercing the flesh of the leg, causing swelling, pain, and infection. After treatment, this case can still be repeated every time the long nail has no cure.

What is the right way to cut nails?

Long nails are inconvenient to operate and create a hiding place for bacteria and dirt. But cutting nails too close also causes much more serious harm. So how should we cut our nails?

Everyone has different preferences, so the answer will also be different. If you want to keep your nails long, make sure to clean them every day. Absolutely do not cut the nail close to the meat because it is easy to cause injury.

For those of you who want to be clean, when cutting, leave a part of the nail to protect the meat underneath the dish.

Because the nails are long, so those of you who have short nails, especially pay attention to follow the nails to cut them regularly!

Standard nail clipping guide

  • Soak nails in warm water or normal temperature water for 5-7 minutes. Then wipe dry.
  • Using a toothpick or specialized hook tool, proceed to hook the corners of the legs, hands and excess skin (note gently hook the outside of the nail, do not hook too deep into the corner).
  • Use nail clippers or nail clippers to cut in a straight line, without making square or round corners. When cutting, pay attention to the length of the nail. Absolutely do not cut deep into the buckle or cut too deep into the base of the nail.
  • Use a file to round and smooth the cut.
  • Wash your hands with water and then dry for a while to avoid infection.

Note: Only specialized nail clippers should be used to trim nails. Do not use scissors or use your mouth to bite your nails.

Absolutely do not bite nails - Clipping nails close to heart disease
Absolutely do not bite nails

Give advice

Nail clipping seems like a simple job. However, not everyone is careful and does it smoothly. Habits can be broken but it is very time consuming to replace new habits. However, which one is good for you, try to learn them. The same goes for nail clipping, instead of cutting your nails close, try to learn how to cut your nails moderately to protect yourself.

Hopefully, with the above information, you have answered yourself whether nail clipping is close to heart disease or not as well as the harmful effects of nail clipping close to the flesh. This is a health-related issue, so please pay close attention and give up this bad habit!