Key Points to Know About Kraft Cigarette Boxes for Cigarettes

Every product has its own sturdiness level and demands safety according. A higher level of safety is essential for cigarettes because of their fragile nature. Even more, some products like cigarettes are more than just their physical significance due to odor, taste, and many other characteristics. Therefore, it is important to pack them in relative boxes that ensure a higher level of safety.

Many kinds of packaging and boxes are available in the market. Unfortunately, everyone claims every kind of packaging as the best solution for cigarettes. However, the fact is, every product is unique in its nature, structure, and shape and that’s why requires different packaging. Above the line, the following are two main kinds of packaging options that you can choose from for your cigarettes.

Regular Packaging VS Custom Packaging

Regular packaging is already manufactured boxes that you can buy from different places. These boxes are manufactured for various products with an estimated thumb rule. In other words, these are some standard kinds of boxes that may work for any product regardless of the customization or personal needs of a brand. 

Contrary to regular packaging, Custom packaging is another name for personalized boxes which are created based on the personal needs and requirements of brand owners. This kind of packaging is famous among small business owners who aim to personalize their packaging for their brand. 

Custom packaging is better in terms of safety level for cigarettes because you can easily assemble the boxes of good quality. You can choose kraft, or any paper material that you think can provide better safety to your products. That’s how many small companies order rigid cigarette boxes customized per their demands. These boxes provide a better safety level for their cigarettes.

Safety of Cigarettes with Custom Packaging

Custom cigarette boxes, undoubtedly, provide better safety to cigarettes than regular cigarette boxes. One of the main reasons is the personal choice of paper material. For example, there are many kinds of paper materials available from which you can choose depending on your needs. These paper materials include kraft, cardboard, buxboard, and corrugated.  

Each of these kinds of paper materials has its own characteristics. Kraft is considered better in safety level for cigarettes because of their customization. Therefore, many businesses prefer rigid cigarette boxes to other kinds of packaging. You can also order these boxes and customize their shape and structure as per your needs and demands.

The Design of Kraft Cigarette Boxes for Cigarettes

The design of kraft cigarette boxes is in your hand because of their custom nature. In other words, you can choose any design art and printing technology to print that design on your cigarette boxes. Two important things about customized packaging include the selection of paper material and the design art.

After making kraft a preferred material for your boxes, the next important thing is the choice of layers of packaging as a level of safety. Layers of packaging also indicate the level of security you choose for your cigarettes.

Layers of Packaging as Level of Safety

There are three layers of packaging which are also termed as three stages of security. These layers of safety are ensured depending on the need and requirements. Moreover, different kinds of paper material could be chosen for these layers of packaging. The following three stages of packaging have their own objectives and key roles for products.

  1. First Layer of Packaging

The first layer of packaging also termed the primary packaging is aimed to pack a particular amount of products in a pack. For example, in cigarette packaging, only 10 to 20 cigarettes are packed in a kraft cigarette box. This primary layer of packaging is in direct contact with the product and also promotes it with its attractive look. 

  • Second Layer of Packaging

This is also called secondary packaging which supports primary packaging. This is a comparatively bigger box that is used to store a mass of primary cigarette boxes. It may also be a simple envelope but cardboard or corrugated are the main sources of secondary packaging. These boxes provide better safety and storage to the primary packages.

  • Third Layer of Packaging

The third layer of packaging is also called tertiary packaging which is used during transportation or shipping. This layer of packaging supports the secondary layer of packaging during travel. Like the former ones, this phase of packaging also aims to secure the main product. 

Ending Point

The safety of cigarettes is the ultimate need of any cigarette brand. There are two approaches to packaging that you can adopt for your cigarettes. Whether you choose regular packaging are custom, both have their own properties and specifications for cigarettes. Similarly, three layers of packaging are also necessary if you want the safety of cigarettes. We have clearly explained each and every aspect of these different approaches and layers of packaging for your easiness.