Launch a Profitable Business With Gojek Clone App

Launch a Gojek Clone App and in no time, you’ll earn a million in profits! 

That’s the kind of money you’d be able to make by launching a single app with 101+ on-demand services. Think about the kind of comfort and convenience you will be offering your customers with this multi-service app. 

Do you know that the app is integrated with the most amazing and market-trending features? 

Well, that is another reason why this gojek clone app is getting popular among people! Which simultaneously, is increasing your sales and profits. 

Gojek Clone App

Launch a Multi-service Business in 5 Steps

Let’s launch your on-demand multi-service business in just a week. Follow these 5 simple steps and in no time you’d be running a profitable business. 

Step 1: Find a suitable pre-built Gojek Clone App

The first step is to find a suitable pre-built solution for your business.

You need to shortlist all the best white-labeling firms that offer Gojek-like apps and take the demo app trial one by one.

Take your own time to test these demos because this is one of the most crucial things you need to do to understand how the app works. 

In addition to the workflow, you’d be able to test the app’s quality as well! 

Here’s a checklist that can help your find the most perfect white-labeling firm: 

  • At least 10 years of experience in the industry. 
  • They must have showcased their client’s video testimonials on the website. 
  • Must have launched 1320 apps. 
  • Complete white labeling and launch in 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • Payment milestone is available. 

Step 2: Purchase the package

If you feel like this is the perfect app for you, it is time to discuss your requirements with the Project Manager.

The manager will then prepare the Scope Document with all the details about your deliverables and the breakup of the cost. 

A genuine white-labeling firm will allow you to purchase the Gojek Clone App package in partial payments (Payment Milestone) or in full. 

Under Payment Milestone, 50% of payment is done at the start of the development process. The remaining payment is done after receiving android apps and web panels. 

Step 3: Get the app white-labeled

As soon as you purchase the app, the experts will start white-labeling your application. 

They will integrate your brand’s name and logo into the app. Also, they will integrate all your preferred components including the currency, languages, payment, and SMS gateway. 

They will also add all the features and services that you want and upload the app to the firm’s development server. 

Step 4: Review the app

Once the developers upload the app to the server, you will get access so that you can easily review it before the launch. 

Review the app thoroughly and in case you feel something needs to be modified/changed, ask the developers to do it!

Step 5: Launch the app in iOS and Android app stores 

At this stage, your Gojek Clone App will be ready to be launched on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

After your thumbs up for the launch process, the team will go ahead and submit the apps to these stores where they will go through a quick review. After which, the app will be available for download. 

Make Your Business Profitable 

The question is, how will you make it profitable? Well, to make the business profitable, you need to choose one of the following business models. 

A business model is essentially the plan that describes how you will make profits! 

Commission-based model 

Commission is one of the most famous profit-making models that entrepreneurs choose! Listed below are some reasons why you should choose this business model and start earning money: 

  • Commission is earned on every service booking. 
  • You will decide the commission rate. 
  • Commissions will be earned on the total fare, surcharge, and cancellation fee. 

For example, if the rate set for taxi rides is 10%, then on a taxi ride with a fare of $80, you will earn $8 as commission! 

Membership Subscription Plan 

As the Gojek Clone App owner,  you can choose to make profits from these subscription plans as well. 

  • You will be able to curate every subscription plan including its prices, features, and time validity. 
  • The entire money will be transferred to your account for every plan purchase, renewal, and also upgrade. 
  • Until the provider renews the plans, they won’t be able to accept service requests. 

For example, you can offer a 1 month plan for $110, a 3 month plan for $300, and so on. 

In Conclusion: 

On the concluding note, now that you know how to establish a profitable multi-service business, why are you still waiting for this opportunity to pass? 

Grab this fantastic opportunity to launch a Gojek Clone App at a low investment cost and in return, make millions in profits! 

Get in touch with a white-labeling firm and launch the mobile app in your region ASAP!