Top 10 Live Streaming Service Providers in India in 2023

Live Streaming Service
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Some of the best live streaming services use interactive tools for dealing with the audience in a very attractive way.

For live events, there are already a variety of streaming services accessible, like YouTube, which offers free live streaming. In some cases, basic technology like a digicam can be used to stream simple events using Google Meet or Zoom. For instance, you can forego thinking about things like encoding and which streaming provider to utilize because the service is all-inclusive.

This blog is all about looking at some of the key highlights of Live Streaming services and their importance in the current scenario. We will also be looking at some of the crucial benefits of using these services along with a listing of some popular event live-streaming service providers in India.

Live Streaming -All you Need to Know

The stream is basically the transmission of video over the internet. Commonly used types of streaming content include movies, Television programs, videos, podcasts, and webcasts.

There are different platforms that support live streaming. The most popular live-streaming services in India are social media platforms that offer free services for your event.

Real-time videos broadcast on social media platforms are known as social media streaming live (in contrast to videos filmed in advance and then posted to social media).

The most common users are artists and influencers who can utilize tools like live chats, polls, and inquiry suggestions to urge viewers to engage in in-person conversations with them. This technique is commonly known as “going public.”

Importance of Live Streaming

Here are some of the reasons which are enough to showcase the live streaming role while hosting your live session –

  • With the help of live streaming service providers, there is an advantage over email and audio conference calls that is unmatchable. Making an instant connection with the audience is of great influence by the images.
  • A live stream’s human element is given by the fact that it is truly happening right now. Unlike Live TV News, where the hosts come out as soulless and stiff. It makes them relatable and humanizes them.
  • One benefit of online broadcasts is that it fulfils the audience’s need for intriguing postings, tales, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

How to Host an Interactive Live-Streaming Session

Here are some of the handy tips which will surely help you in making your streaming session a highly engaging one –

Maintaining Live Stream Chat Box

Observe that chatbox carefully. Utilize as many audience members as you can in comments, shutouts, or personal exchanges. In the long term, it will help you improve your interaction with viewers and create a sense of community.

Very few Live streaming service providers Others split up the tasks and have a co-host answer chat questions while the primary host controls the broadcast. In this method, they attempt and respond to as many questions as they can during the live chat.

Hosting Regular Q&A sessions

By definition, most live streams are interactive. However, in reality, they frequently devolve into one-way information-distribution sessions, gaming, or casual discussions with visitors.

You can start by compiling a list of questions that have already been sent by your audience or a list of frequently requested questions. Encourage your audience to ask as many questions as they can while you’re still live.

Popular Live Stream Service Providers in India

Here is the list of some popular platforms which will help you find your best choice –

Youtube Live

If you want to stream live on YouTube, there is no substitute for the original platform’s live-streaming feature. You can stream live using a webcam, a smartphone, or an encoder. Even the potential for live streaming to generate revenue exists.

You can produce engaging content which is not feasible in the case of in-person events. Along with this, you can monitor the most important parameters for your live videos with aid of YouTube Live.


With its powerful and immersive capabilities, it excels at converting virtual experiences. These characteristics make it simple to give interactive and specially customized in-person virtual events, webinars, hybrid events, live streaming, and webcasting.

Facebook Live

Live broadcasting dramatically improved after Facebook Online went live. Live streams are now growing on Facebook. Businesses are actively considering the advantages that it can offer due to its features and simplicity.


One of the most popular browser alternatives, Restream doesn’t need any software to install on your computer. It is one of the best live streaming services available in the market.

Additionally, this platform has a tonne of multistreaming tools that let users stream through multiple channels at once.


  • It is a professional live streaming service provider which has features like custom titles and graphics, high-resolution ISO recordings, and much more.


Live streaming services are effective at creating strong links with a global audience.

These streaming services tend to hold the audience’s interest for long periods of time thanks to their interactive features, which include live polling, questionnaires, handouts, real-time feedback, etc.

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