Natural Pet Anxiety Medication That Works 

Have you ever felt anxious? Indeed, you did because anxiety issues are pretty common, and at least once in their lifetime, people do get anxiety attacks. So, if you did, you know how it feels and how hard it could be to overcome. You find it difficult to focus and breathe, and on top of this, thinking clearly and making decisions becomes even more challenging.  

Dogs also get anxiety attacks; unlike humans, they cannot express it. So, why your pet is getting anxious often goes unnoticed. The symptoms of pet anxiety mainly include panting, pacing, vomiting, drooling, etc. Moreover, they can bark excessively without any reason or any real threat. Nevertheless, it is treatable with the proper medications.  

Your pet is like a family member, and it’s essential to make them feel happy and comfortable. Thanks to the advancement in the pet industry for giving rise to effective medications help to treat various pet-related concerns. This post will mainly focus on the pet anxiety medications for your furry friend to help them overcome this stressful condition.  

  1. CBD Dog Treats 

As soon as you start noticing the symptoms of anxiety in your dog, you must start the treatment immediately. When you have tried everything, but it was of no use, perhaps you should reconsider the treatment method. On this note, CBD gummies have gained a lot of popularity as this natural method is beneficial for treating anxiety issues in pets.  

Natural ways like CBD treats can help your pup calm down. CBD is a naturally occurring compound present in dog treats without THC. It does not make your pet high; its calming effects can help your pet with anxiety issues. Also, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can help cure any injuries or chronic pain that might be causing anxiety in them.  

CBD treats for dogs have a soothing effect on their mind that would give them much relief. You can purchase them from a reliable vendor making sure it contains natural ingredients only. You must consult a vet before giving these treats to your dog to know the correct dosage. These treats are tasty and come in various flavors, making it ideal for you to give them to your furry friend.   

  1. Homeopathic Remedies 

Since homeopathic treatments are effective as they are designed to meet specific symptoms, they are also incredibly safe and do not have any side effects. Mix three tiny pellets in a glass of water to administer to your pet. Try to avoid touching them with your hands to avoid contamination. Use a spoon to combine them, and then use a clean dropper or teaspoon to apply the resulting liquid to your pet’s gums. Choose the source of their stress and try one of these treatments for prompt relief.  

  1. Bach Flower Essences 

About 75 years ago, English doctor, Edward Bach discovered that restoring emotional equilibrium is possible through the essence of some flowers. They are, therefore, ideal for reducing stress and relaxing an agitated dog. 

Your dog cannot overdose on these mild, non-toxic medicines. You may use the blend, available at most health stores, or individual essences tailored for your dog’s particular uneasiness and concerns. It can be useful in a variety of stressful circumstances. Use it to relieve stress before taking your pet to the veterinarian. It’s also beneficial when you know there will be fear, such as separation anxiety. 

  1. Powdered Supplements 

Try a powdered solution incorporated into wet or dry food if your dog rejects oil and treats. Some powdered supplement formulas incorporate substances that help relax the body and center the mind, such as peppermint, Chamomile, St. John’s wort, valerian root, and passion flower. St. John’s wort is a superb alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressants, while valerian root works to reduce physical stress. Peppermint and Chamomile can also soothe an upset stomach.  

  1. Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is among the best methods of calming your pet. Ingesting essential oils can often be dangerous, especially for dogs. Having said that, if you utilize essential oils appropriately, you can still practice aromatherapy at home. 

Diffusers are a more secure method to utilize these essential oils so that your dog may take advantage of their calming effects. For your pet’s anxiousness, lavender and frankincense are often the most beneficial essential oils. Combining them with tangerine, orange, ylang-ylang, and patchouli may also have relaxing effects. 

Again, using essential oils directly on pets is not safe. If you have essential oils in your house, keep them out of your pet’s reach. Your pets are significantly more sensitive to essential oils than human beings. 

  1. Pheromone Spray 

For dogs, calming pheromone products come in the shape of wipes, sprays, collars, and plug-in diffusers. This hormone’s version that nursing mothers secrete to soothe their babies is present in the dog-appeasing pheromone. 

Because the mother releases pheromones while a puppy nurses, it is a naturally relaxing and pleasurable experience. Due to the advancement in science, it is possible to create a welcoming atmosphere for your nervous dog by simulating these chemicals. Spray it down the car, kennel, bed, collar, etc., then let your dog relax and enjoy the peace. 

Final Words 

Dogs frequently experience anxiety, but you may give them relief naturally by trying to discover a solution suitable for your dog’s specific circumstances and physical makeup. Fortunately, you can usually assist them in de-stressing, changing their attention, and feeling less worried. Your pet will appreciate you for it, even if it may take some time, and you might need to try a few different approaches. After all, you cannot in any way sacrifice their long-term health, happiness, or well-being for anything else.