Fixes for Not Getting Verfication Code or Texts Error

Fixes for Not Getting Verfication Code or Texts Error

If the users are not getting verification codes on their iPhones, they do not need to worry as they are not the only ones who are not getting verification code texts. It is also a very general problem that occurs with many people but the users do not need to worry as this blog is prepared to help them. 

In this blog, we have come up with some very amazing solutions which users can use so that they can fix . So, without any delay and further ad let us begin to know what all ways users can use to fix it. 

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Reasons for Not Getting Verification Code on the Device

There are various reasons because of why users are not able to get the verification code on their devices, here are some of the reasons which we have listed below for the users. 

The users might have provided their email addresses or mobile number incorrectly.

The users might have blocked the verification messages on their devices. 

It is possible that the carrier or the email service provided might have blocked such messages for the users. 

The poor connection of the device might be the reason users are not getting the notifications. 

The SMS mailbox of the users might not have enough space in it to receive new messages. 

Solutions to Fix the issue of Not Getting Verification Code Texts 

Here are the best ways the users must try if they want to fix the issue of my iphone doesn’t receive verification texts so let us begin to know the ways but these ways will be helpful only when the users will execute them properly.

No. 1 – Restarting the Device Users are Using 

The first way which the users can try is to restart the device they have been using, even though this way might seem too much simple for the users yes, it is a very effective way and users might be able to fix their issue by trying it out this way. 

No. 2 – Switching off and then on the Airplane Mode 

There might be some issues and the users are not able to get notifications because of network errors and the users can deal with these errors by following up the steps mentioned below – 

First of all the users need to open the settings option and then they need to look for airplane mode in the settings. 

Once users have found it they need to press it and turn it on, and after waiting for a while the users need to turn it off by pressing it again. 

No. 3 – Checking the Blocking Feature on the iPhone Device  

The users need to check if they have blocked receiving the notifications and they can very easily do this with the help of the steps below – 

The users need to first go to the settings and then from there and then they need to hit on the messages option following which they need to click on the blocked option and then check if the issue has been fixed or not. 

No. 4 – Rebooting the Device 

There might be some errors and issues with the software of the device and in order to fix not receiving verification code texts iphone the users need to reboot the device they have been using as it is going to help them fix the errors they are facing. 

We hope that the ways which we have provided to the users in this blog have been helpful and beneficial for them and they were able to get rid of the issue.

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