Pure Electric Advance E-Scooter I The Electric Scooter Reinvented

Pure Electric

The Pure Electric Advance e-scooter comes with a central stand, foldable handlebars, and footpads. It is also 70% slimmer than a traditional scooter. This makes it a more comfortable scooter to ride. It is a great option for people who want a sleek electric scooter but don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

Forward-Facing Scooter

The is a forward-facing scooter with advanced safety features. Its design helps riders balance their weight, have a low-profile stance, and are foldable to fit into small spaces. Its patented stabilizer automatically returns the handlebars to their starting position.

The company claims that the Pure Advance e-scooter range reinvents the way people ride electric scooters, giving riders a safer, more comfortable ride. The company claims that these new scooters are more stable than other e-scooters, and they weigh 16kg. The Pure Advance e-scooter comes in two models.

Burn-e 2

The Burn-e 2 is a nimble electric scooter that boasts a low weight and a powerful, well-balanced motor to battery power ratio. Its small motors have immense torque and can match its more expensive competitors’ acceleration. It also comes with a large, waterproof smart display.

The Burn-e 2 is a step above its predecessor. It has wider bars and an inch higher deck to support larger feet. This allows you to change your stance during a long ride. The scooter can support up to 330 pounds of rider weight, making it the heaviest electric scooter ever.

Apollo Ghost 2022

The new Apollo Ghost 2022 electric scooter offers an all-new suspension system that adjusts to fit the size of any rider. It also comes with a reinforced stem and ergonomic handgrips. The rounded front-on profile of the tires also enhances ride comfort.

The Ghost is a performance scooter that is aimed at both beginners and experts. Its bulked-up stem, industrial-standard frame and springy suspension help make it fun to ride. It can carry a maximum load of 300 pounds. Its IP54 water-resistant rating ensures safety.

Pure Advance

The Pure Advance e-scooter is more than your average high street e-scooter. It’s designed and developed by a world-class team of engineers and features a suite of safety features and patent-pending Pure Control(tm) steering system to keep you stable while riding. Pure claims that their scooters are revolutionising personal electric travel.

The Pure Advance scooter is an electric scooter reinvented, offering a unique riding experience with a forward-facing design and unique weight distribution. It also folds up to 70% smaller than its predecessor, making it easy to store or transport. Its slim design also allows it to fit into tighter spaces. It is also 70% narrower than a conventional e-scooter, allowing it to fit in a standard-sized closet or car trunk.


The Max Pure electric Advance e-scooters are designed for riders who want the most performance in a compact package. They feature a removable 10Ah battery for a range of up to 32 miles and a smooth folding mechanism. The battery can be fully charged in six to seven hours. These scooters also offer a variety of customization options for different riding situations. They have three basic riding modes as well as two custom modes.

The Pure Advance+ has improved ride quality. It also offers a longer range than the previous model, enabling you to go longer without recharging. The Max Pure Advance+ also offers an increased weight capacity to carry more luggage and people. With a price tag of PS1,099, the Max Pure electric Advance e-scooter is not cheap.

High-End Electric Scooter

The Pure Advance e-scooter is a high-end electric scooter from Pure Electric, a leading British scooter manufacturer. The scooter has innovative features such as folding handlebars, foot pads, and a central stand. As a result, it is 70% slimmer than a traditional scooter. It also comes with front and rear indicators, and a brake light.

The Pure Advance is equipped with a 500W motor, and the Advance Flex has a 710W motor. It can cover up to 25 miles on a single charge, and the Advance+ has a range of 31 miles. It has tubeless tires that provide shock absorption, which makes it easier to navigate on bumpy terrain. The scooter has a front-mounted drum brake and a rear-mounted regenerative brake.

The Advance is also convenient for storage, thanks to its foldable frame. Like the Brompton, it can be stored under your desk or in the boot of your car. In addition, the Advance Flex has a steering stabilisation system that resists twitchy steering input even when you’re going slowly.

King GT

The Kaabo Wolf King GT has 50-amp sine wave controllers in the stem, a rubberized deck, and motorcycle-grade suspension for the front and rear wheels. Those features make it an excellent choice for long-distance commutes. The bike also has a high-capacity battery that will provide plenty of power for the average commute.

Final Words:

The King GT is also very competitively priced. Other models like the Dualtron Thunder 2 and NAMI Burn-e retail for nearly $4,300, but the GT costs much less. That’s one of the main reasons the GT makes our list of the best ultra-performance scooters. Its versatility and feature stack put the competition to shame.