Quality Aircraft Parts and Repair Management Services


When it comes to the cost of quality aircraft parts and repair, one of the most frustrating aspects is the constant chase, trace, and tracking of parts. I recently spoke with the Vice President of Maintenance of a major international airline, who told me that his company was able to streamline the entire process and save millions of dollars by outsourcing airframe repairs. The VP also noted that the process is time-consuming, requiring hundreds of man-hours each week.

Need Aircraft Consulting

The need for immediate aircraft consulting occurs most often during times of trouble or during emergency flights. Without the right spare parts, the servicing process can delay, requiring additional expense and time.

In order to overcome this problem, SAS employs highly trained professionals, equipped with the latest information technology and extensive aggregation of tools. They have the resources and expertise to ensure that quality aircraft parts services are completed quickly.

By providing quick, efficient, and accurate service, SAS is a vital component of the maintenance process. In addition to providing quality service and expert knowledge, SAS offers other services.

For Example

The service has a 24/7 customer support center where the material management staff is on-site and linked to the latest IT integration technology. The goal is to ensure that flight operations remain uninterrupted by providing the highest  and repair management. With a dedicated team of experts, SAS offers a one-stop-shop for aircraft parts and repair.

Trained Team

AECOM’s highly trained team manages the entire overhaul process, from scheduling to delivery. They also arrange door-to-door transportation of materials to and from aircraft. In addition, they organize a worry-free overhaul event and ensure that the quality aircraft parts and repair process is efficient.

They work with vendors to ensure the highest levels of customer service and quality. Here are aims to provide the best possible service and support for its customers.

Visual Inspection

In the past, visual inspection was the industry standard. From daily walk-around inspections to thorough tear-downs, visual inspections were conducted by trained personnel. Instrumented non-destructive evaluation methods were used to assess the structural integrity of specific components.

These methods were labor-intensive and subject to subjective interpretation. In the future, AECOM will handle the complete overhaul process, from start to finish. The company has more than a decade of combined industry experience.

FAA Role

The FAA plays a major role in aircraft. This regulation sets out the requirements for the aircraft parts and repair program. There are no standards for how much aircraft maintenance must do to an aircraft.

It’s important to ensure that there are clear standards to prevent corrosion and identify the necessary repairs. In addition to the rules and regulations, a good maintenance program helps the aircraft’s owners protect themselves from accidents.


Aircraft Maintenance

The process of aircraft maintenance includes identifying and repairing composite damage. Typical aircraft damage includes disbands and delamination, cracks, and perforations.

The latter could allow liquids to enter the honeycomb core. The process of detecting and assessing damage trends in composites is difficult, but it can do with the help of advanced computer technology. In addition, airlines should make use of technology and automation in their maintenance programs.

Many aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair are complicated and expense

The process of inspecting older aircraft is more difficult than inspecting new aircraft, and there is no standard for structural inspections. In addition, the complexity of the process of identifying these problems makes it more costly. The FAA has released several new directives, which design to help the airline industry cope with the mounting costs of maintaining an aging fleet.