Rationality Versus Irrationality

Can we admit the truth and be honest with ourselves and others? Sometimes I wonder about that. A big lie seems like a best friend to our sides until genuine fails and completely in each important way even to resemble the truth or anything honest.

That said, this article begins. We all have the option of being rational or irrational in life and existence at any level. When I think about rationality versus irrationality, I think of a giant war directed by a large government that loses everything for a smaller government, better managed and creatively administered that it is supposed to lose before the large and large government. This is a key to how reality works. It is supposed to win over the little ones, but the largest almost always loses to the smallest, most creative and best executive regime due to irrational realities within the largest, which work better within the little ones. In fact, a better government begins with better words: we saw that in 1776 with the American revolution. Say and mean what you want about the founding realities with all your defects of contract servitude, slavery, pogroms and fear of fear, we first have to admit that this historical truth is rational with ourselves, all words about freedom, truth, truth And justice sound better. That the dictatorship, the kings, the queens, the empires and everything that came before. However, when we see and admit the complete image without shuddering, then we can grow genuinely. That is also what I want to say with rationality versus irrationality with rational reality winning about “ideal” irrational fantasies every time.

Therefore, a big comfortable lie may seem better, more exciting and enriching than an uncomfortable real and honest truth that is real until we obtain the genuine invoice, receipt and payment coupon to accept that great lie.

We all want greatness without winning it, but the best admit in greatness and the genuine fact that it must be won. In fact, also, cheating and those not won is a genuine drug worse than heroin or cocaine and much more subtly destructive to us. However, how many addicts would thousands spend for that high “not won” of fantasy called a high to avoid the “Jones effect”? Too many.

On the other hand, the personality that does not become addicted admits in the facts and acts strictly for them in reality, and understanding that the true high must be won. From a genuinely happy millionaire business person who genuinely follows the genuine meditating person in a cave in the Tibet, which is winning it. In fact, cattle are always better and does not have a sales, capture or tricks. I know, I am a bit preacher about the rational facts in this article, but someone should be, or the deception of the most genuine irrationality will continue without control.


My name is Joshua Clayton, I am an independent writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few names and aka, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective target and maker of honest actions. I also work in a center for older people in Gardena, California, such as my daily work, among other things, but mainly I am a writer.