Rechargeable LED Camping Lights designed for Australia

Alonery USB rechargeable camping light with power bank

The camping light from can be used with the solar panel or rechargeable battery. It can last up to 24 hours on a single charge and has a three-dot indicator to monitor charge. We also like how compact and lightweight it is. When deflated, it measures around 1 inch thick and weighs only 4. 4 ounces, making it ideal for packing in a duffel or large bin of camping items. The Luci Outdoor 2.0 is the least expensive option on our list with a solar panel. And it’s also the best value at just $25. Although the aforementioned AlpenGlow 500 is a high-end, well-equipped lantern, it is unavoidably pricey at $80. The Alonery camping light, which costs only $45.9 yet works well for campers who choose value and convenience above illumination modes and charging capabilities.

Alonery portable camping light with power bank is equipped with the metal frame.

Biolite AlpenGlow Lantern

Other accolades include the Lowell Thomas Award and the prestigious list of Best American Essays. Our top pick, the Biolite AlpenGlow lantern, has a ton of fun features and a USB connector for charging other devices. Summer camping trips are for watching long, leisurely sunsets while relaxing on a folding chair and sipping a warm beverage. However, nights in the woods can quickly become black without light pollution or assistance from the Milky Way. For this article, I bought the Luci Inflatable Solar Camping Light and the LuminAID Packlite Max.

Top Camping Lights

To preserve battery life, I used it mostly on the lowest level. But I still found that it produced enough light for me to see. It is perfect to bring on frequent autocamping trips or light camping trips due to its modest size. We’ve identified the top camping lights for every use and price range, whether you’re going into the backcountry or spending the night in your car while camping.

In our opinion, the option to switch between lantern and flashlight capability gives the Zip a significant advantage over the Moji above and BD’s Volt below. As mentioned above, the Lighthouse camping light can be recharged using solar power. But it lacks an integrated panel like the PackLite Max from LuminAID. And its runtime is rather limited at just 2.5 hours on high. As a point of reference, Goal Zero suggests using the camping lantern in conjunction with their Nomad 10 panel. And it can cost you an additional $100 (on top of the already hefty $70 purchase). Additionally, the Lighthouse weighs just over a pound, which makes it heavier and bulkier than most of the other options and makes it less appealing for hanging in a tent (it’s a large amount of weight to droop from a thin cloth loop).

Biolite Sunlight Portable Solar Camping Light

Although it’s a great camping lantern, I won’t be using it once my assessment is through. All of brightness combined with a cheap price point of $33.46 results in a superb value lantern. I only spent ten minutes with this camping light. But I already saw that it was quite versatile and will undoubtedly become one of my go-to lights in the future. The ability to charge multiple devices is a feature that is always appreciated. The Apollo includes three foldable legs and a hook on the top. So you can put up the camping lantern in almost any situation in addition to the battery backup.

Fenix Cl26r Rechargeable Lantern

Although BioLite does advertise the cheaper and lighter AlpenGlow 250 ($60; 7.4 oz. ). We believe that most campers will find the increased output of the 5100 model to be worth the price and weight differences. Neither model has a solar panel for charging, which is a shame because the battery life is fairly good at 200 hours on low and 5 hours on extreme. A final quibble is that cycling between the modes needs a combination of button-pushing and shaking the camping light in order to find the precise setting you are looking for. The BioLite, on the other hand, offers an impossible-to-beat combination of brightness, technological features, and general good quality, earning it our top rank for 2022. However, the learning curve is not too steep.

The Silverpoint Daylight X1000 is a powerful D-cell powered camping light that emits up to 1000 lumens of 360° light and offers warm white, extreme, or low cool white output options. If your camping lantern will be used extensively outside or will be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, you may want to take into account its climate resistance, which is evaluated using an IP rating system. At the low end, IPX0 indicates there is no protection at all. And at the high end, IPX8 means the product can withstand prolonged immersion. The majority of the solutions on our list are in the middle and could resist prolonged rains but would crumble under prolonged and intense attention.

Avoid dropping or shaking your camping light too much, as well as exposing it to high winds without the globe attached, to increase the lifespan of the mantle. We found it easy to attach the light to the propane cylinder and valued the footed base’s ability to prevent tipping. It’s important to note that lighting this lantern requires a match.

String Camping Lights

These string camping lights have been used almost daily for several months, and they are still in good condition. We were amazed by how bright it gets on the maximum setting. And the shade is a pleasing, hot mild yellow. A wonderful option for adding a touch of camp atmosphere or brightening the yard. Have a backup light on hand whether you live in a hurricane zone or experience frequent power outages due to blizzards.

Many camping lights have additional settings for adjusting the ambience at camp in addition to dimming options and modes to change intensity. For instance, the AlpenGlow 500 from BioLite features several color settings, a flickering feature, and a fun rotating color option that cycles through a variety of bright patterns. In the end, most campers will benefit from the standard settings the majority of the time, although a variety of different modes may be enjoyable for personalizing your campsite and fostering a pleasant atmosphere. For many years, Coleman camping light has been a major player in the camp lantern market. And their Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern pays homage to vintage aesthetics. The Powerhouse runs off liquid gasoline or unleaded gasoline instead of batteries, which is convenient for cold-weather activities that may quickly deplete regular batteries.

Alonery portable camping light with power bank is usb rechargeable lamp

Why Choose Rechargeable Camping Lights

Additionally, you have the choice of strobe or colored lighting. To use the dimming and other settings, it initially requires a few tries. But once you get the feel of it, it’s simple enough. We have been regularly astounded and astonished by this palm-sized light. The camping light consistently functions every evening and produces 350 lumens of light, which is a comfortable amount of brightness. Although we often use it at a much lower light level, that degree of sunlight is good for precise work. Our collapsible lanterns are battery-operated, lightweight, and easy to store, just like many of our other camping lanterns.

This is the reason I switched to rechargeable camping lights. There are still a few gas-powered options available on the market in addition to battery, solar, and rechargeable models. However, they are useful for camping in colder climates and at higher elevations. We only featured one of these types above due to its limited appeal for many recreational campers. 

The rubber grip handle that hangs down the corners is the one I use most frequently. You may either hang it from nearby trees or set it down on a table while you’re dining. This camping light has a special feature that allows you to attach it to tent poles rather than hanging it from a hook: it has a magnetic base. Additionally, the remote management is convenient if you have young children.

The popular ML6’s warm light variant, the ML6 WL, boasts up to 750 lumens of heat white light on the highest level. The ML6 Join WL is an upgrade to the well-liked ML6 and boasts up to 750 lumens of warm white light on the boost setting. The ML6 is the first camping light ever made by Ledlenser, and it doesn’t let you down. It boasts up to 750 lumens of white light on the higher setting. Ambient and illumination are both provided by the BioLite AlpenGlow 250 rechargeable camping lantern, all inspired by the natural world.

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