So You Think You Need To Rent A Media Studio?

You are a filmmaker, a band, a special effect producer, a virtual reality games designer, a vlogger or rapper, and you are looking to rent a sound stage, a green screen or a recording studio for your project. Many creative and artistic people know how they want their finished product to look and are thinking of going to a media study to be perfect. What you should determine is what you need, what you will cost and how you can get help with your project. Having seen what people happen in their searches, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be. Although I work at Sun Studios de Arizona and I will focus on that installation in this article, it is important to do your research and choose the place that works best for you. Because in the end, doing your project as much as it can be, is the most important reason to choose a great study.

As many people learn, usually in the difficult way! – It can be frustrating unless investigating the installation you want to use. Sun Studios de Arizona in Tempe can provide the information you can use in your search to find the perfect media installation. We always want to make sure you have everything you need, and people who know what they are doing to help you. We can or may not be your final choice, but we want to make sure the choice is informed.

Here is the information about the different work spaces in our facilities, to give you a good idea what to expect:

Rent a sound stage

In many facilities, when renting a sound scenario, you will be asked to pay an hourly fee and then handed it a menu of “to the articles” that you will need for your production or event. The options may include a study administrator, lights, sound, equipment, tripods, monitors, teleprompters, expenses, electricity and Wifi. In the end, after choosing all the options, it can cost up to $ 3,000 per day to use that sound scenario.

We like to facilitate things for our customers. Our price is a flat rate, whether noon or full -day rates. Our Sound 1 stage in Sun Studios de Arizona is 2,500 square feet of acoustically treated space, with baffled climate control, two 200 ampasy electric plants, a 16 ‘grid of light and the majority of the equipment that needs included in a speed at a speed Flat It is a good size space that includes many things for which other studies charge additional, including a scenarios administrator to help you with each facet of your project.

Do you need a green screen rental?

Green screens are a basic element of the digital media industry and have a great demand. They allow production to record in a stable environment, then add a bottom filmed separately in postproduction, basically, take out their real world and place them in a digital backdrop. Musical videos and video blog channels (Vlog) particularly use green screens for many of their projects.

Sound stages with green screens can be expensive, beyond a normal sound scenario, because instead of simple walls, the green screen requires a special lighting variety to improve luminance. The price in many studies, again, is little by little, with a rate per hour followed by options, including that special lighting (skylights, filters, effects of effects and much more), which will add additional costs and can carry its green screen rental Total to total rent $ 3,000 or more for a shooting day.

Here in Sun Studios de Arizona, we prefer to offer a flat rate. The cost of a green screen sound stage includes everything you need to make its production perfect, including a study administrator and most of the expenses mentioned above in Soundstage 1. We also have an additional option to use with our stage Green screen sound: at 20 camera movement monitoring system. This system allows the capture of the 3D model of the schemes of the actors and frames frame by table, which can then be encouraged in the post (King Kong and the lord of the rings are good examples that this is used). Movement capture is also used in the creation of video game avatars.

Rent of an audio recording studio

Always verify which equipment is available for your specific needs before committing to a study. You must ensure that your recording requirements are met, either audio, voice voice, ADR and/or score.