some best automatic waterers for pets in our opionin

Based on the criteria described above, as well as customer reviews, we selected eight suitable automatic drinkers in different price categories:

Petfort automatic drinker is optimal.
Letty Home automatic waterer is affordable.
Drinking bowl for cats and dogs LilPet 1.5 l.
Automatic drinking fountain for cats with a motion sensor.
The PETKIT Eversweet Solo 2 drinking fountain is the best.
Automatic waterer and bowl for cats and dogs – universal.
Water bowl for cats, automatic fountain with six filters.
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Water Dispenser for animals.

Automatic drinker Petfort

Minimalist automatic drinker with two water supply modes. This means that it is suitable for pets with different preferences. Made of transparent ABS plastic , therefore safe for the animal. Easily monitor the remaining water level. The model is compatible with a motion sensor , so it can be easily installed if desired.

This model has a five-stage water filter. A set of four costs 500 ₽. You can buy it from the same seller or in other stores on Ozone. It’s convenient that you can find a replacement pump for the drinker in case the original one fails.

The line includes devices in different colors – you can choose them to suit any interior. The drinker comes with an adapter for an outlet and one filter, so it’s easy to start using. The device warranty is valid for one year.

Letty Home automatic drinker

The best option up to 2000 ₽. Like the Petfort model, there are two water supply modes. The plastic tap can be removed, then the water supply mode will change to a bubbling fountain. The drinking bowl is transparent, it is easy to track how much water is left in it.

The pump is powered by a USB cable . The set includes four filters for water purification and an adapter. You can install a motion sensor. Starting to use the device is quite simple: just assemble it, pour water and plug it into a power outlet.

This model has some nuances:

  1. There is no warranty period. You can return the product only if you discover a defect.
  2. It is not possible to purchase an additional pump. If it fails, you will have to buy a new drinker.
  3. You will have to look for filters from different sellers on different marketplaces. You can buy them on Ozone here , and also on Aliexpress.

Drinking fountain PETKIT Eversweet Solo 2

A high-tech drinker that can only be controlled from your phone. In the application, you can configure the operating mode: control water circulation and set a work schedule. In this model, water is supplied only in fountain mode.

There are no buttons on the drinker itself, only a light indicator. It will notify you that the water is running out or it’s time to change the filter. The drinker does not come with an adapter for  a USB cable , so you need to buy a 1-2 ampere , 5 volt adapter in advance .

A special feature of this model is a cordless pump. This one is much more convenient to wash than a wired one. Based on reviews of the product, it becomes clear that the model is very quiet and almost inaudible. The device warranty is 12 months.

A set of five replacement filters costs RUB 1,500. One will last for a couple of months – depending on the quality of the water and the operating mode of the drinking bowl.

Automatic waterer and bowl for cats and dogs

Perhaps this is a universal device format. The convenience lies in the fact that with this model it is easy to organize a place for your pet to eat and drink. A food bowl made of stainless steel – a safe material for animals. The drinking bowl holds 2.6 liters of water.

The filtration system is four-stage, and the model can supply water in two formats: a stream or a fountain. The manufacturer claims that even an active pet cannot turn over such a drinking bowl. The kit includes a USB adapter and replacement filters. Sellers do not have them in stock, so you will have to look for them on marketplaces or in other stores.

Price. Let’s consider drinkers costing from 2000 to 5000 rubles. This range includes devices with both basic functions and additional ones.

It is worth noting that the marketplaces mainly sell Chinese drinking bowls of similar models from different sellers. The build quality of such models leaves much to be desired, and the service life can be limited to a month.