Some best beds for children

Optimal – Forest Kids “Herringbone”

With a price of about 15,000 ₽, it is intended for children from birth to 10 years.

It is made of laminated chipboard and equipped with a pendulum mechanism of transverse swing – it easily comes into action, and the baby can lull himself to sleep with his own movements. The main thing is to place the bed about  10 cm from the wall and other furniture so that it does not break when rocking.

The height of the top bar is adjustable: it can be lowered when you need to put your baby down or take him out of the crib. But then it’s better to lift it so that it doesn’t fall out when you try to stand up.

There are also two options for adjusting the bottom. When the baby is very small, you can raise the bottom to the top position, but by about six months it should also be lowered for safety reasons.

The model is a transforming crib. Up to three years old, a child can sleep in a cradle 120 cm long and 60 cm wide . Then it is removed, and you get a teenage bed with a sleeping area of â€‹â€‹170 × 60 cm , and the changing chest is placed next to it, and it can be used for storing things.

In addition to the changing chest, the bed is equipped with drawers where you can put, for example, bedding or toys. This is convenient, since the child’s things will take up less space in the closet.

The best round – SoftSpace Candy 7 in 1

The crib is made of solid birch, this is a good option in the middle price segment. The model is safe: it has no sharp corners, which minimizes the risk of injury. It is also believed that the shape of the crib contributes to faster development of the child, since it offers a 360-degree view.

The size of the round crib is 75 × 75 cm . There are five levels of bottom adjustment, which is convenient for parents: the bottom can be lowered gradually as the child grows and learns new skills.

The front wall is removable, and the crib can be placed next to an adult. This will make it more convenient for the mother to feed him at night, and the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS, is further reduced – this is the rapid, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. One of the risk factors for SIDS is co-sleeping, where the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents.

What is SIDS – Mayo Clinic

This is a transformable bed, and as the child grows older, it expands into an oval bed measuring 125 × 75 cm . There are seven transformation options in total, including a crib that can turn into a playpen, a changing table, a table and two chairs. Designed for children under five years old.

The specifications say that the pendulum mechanism can be purchased separately, then the crib will be convenient to rock. But you can get by with wheels. However, if you plan to move the crib around the apartment, consider the width of the doorway. Reviews say that the product does not work everywhere.

Best rectangular – Mr Sandman

The crib is more expensive than many other models. But the manufacturer claims that it is made from environmentally friendly materials: in addition to solid beech, water-based eco-enamel is used.

If you plan to move furniture around the house, this will not be a problem. The crib has four wheels. It is also equipped with a pendulum mechanism, so it swings easily, and the child can lull himself to sleep. It has three sleeping positions – 30, 40 and 50 cm from the floor with wheels, which protects the baby from accidentally falling out.

The crib can not only be placed next to the parent’s, but also secured to it using the straps that come with the kit. This makes it less likely that your baby will accidentally fall out while sleeping.

The product is small – 90 × 60 cm , and therefore is suitable only for children under one and a half years old. But the bed will save space, and it can be placed in a small apartment. Users like that the crib looks stylish and expensive. But due to the non-standard size, problems may arise when purchasing a mattress and bed linen.

Budget – Forest Kids Lavatera 6 in 1

Despite the fact that the crib is an inexpensive option, it is a transformer.

The first modification is a cradle with wheels and a sleeping place size of 75 × 75 cm. A changing table can be used simultaneously with the cradle. Thanks to three levels of bottom adjustment, it will fit up to six months.

With the second modification – an oval bed measuring 125 × 75 cm – it will not be possible to use a changing table, since it serves as additional parts. But due to transformation, the product can be used for about five years.

The bed can also be turned into a playpen and a set of furniture – a table and two chairs. And thanks to the removable front wall, you can attach it to the parent wall, and the baby will be nearby.

The wheels make it easy to move the product around the apartment, but the downside is that they are not fixed. Another drawback of the model is the lack of a motion sickness mechanism. The manufacturer states that it is impossible to add a pendulum mechanism to the crib, but some buyers find it possible to do this. Many people also don’t like the design of the changing table: it comes without an internal shelf, and therefore is not very stable.