Some best brands baby diapers

I read the reviews and removed the diapers that customers particularly criticized for their quality. I also noticed how widely the brand is represented on marketplaces. The final list included 10 brands:

  1. Huggies.
  2. Mares.
  3. Pampers.
  4. Synergetic.
  5. Tokisan.
  6. Offspring.
  7. Lovular.
  8. Joyo Roy.
  9. “Trusishka”.
  10. Mum’s Era.

Optimal disposables – Huggies

Huggies diapers are designed for children from birth up to 25 kg. They have four main lines: Ultra Comfort, Classic, Elite Soft, Platinum. There are also diapers-panties, panties for swimming and sleeping. The lines differ in price, but relative to other brands they are in the average price range. There are both universal diapers and options designed for boys and girls.

Parents praise the absorbent properties of the diaper: one is usually enough for the night. The products also have a soft elastic band, fit well, are securely fixed and do not cause irritation on the skin.

Huggies Elite Soft and Platinum pant diapers have a leak-free pocket on the back, Velcro for disposal and a full indicator. There are none in the budget segment, which includes Ultra Comfort and Classic.

Sometimes there is a chemical smell , but the main complaint is about the Disney line with Disney characters on the outer layer: they absorb worse.

Budget one-offs – “Sun and Moon”

The brand produces diapers and panties for children weighing up to 25 kg of any gender. There is no division between boys and girls.

There is a more expensive Eco line – made of cotton and linen. There is also a fullness indicator and Velcro for recycling. The classic line has simpler material and no Velcro indicator, but otherwise everything is the same .

The manufacturer claims that the diaper retains moisture for up to 12 hours, but parents complain that the Velcro breaks and it opens, but does not stick the second time. Despite having a wide elastic band at the back, diapers can leak. Parents like the softness of the products , as well as the fact that they allow air to pass through well and the skin is practically not irritated. Those who often change diapers during the day consider the brand a good budget option.

Premium disposables – Offspring

These diapers are for children 2-20 kg . The brand is harder to find on sale than others, and it has a smaller range of products. But it has higher quality.

Diapers are intended for newborns, but for older children Offspring produces unisex panties. The design of the outer layer is universal: greenery, birds, sky, animals, fruits. And the rounded fasteners, high elastic waistband and double adjacent barriers do not rub the skin. There is no fullness indicator, but there is Velcro that allows you to roll the panties into a tube and dispose of them that way.

Parents like that they are soft and pleasant to the touch , and most importantly, they absorb well and the child’s skin remains dry. Cases of allergic reactions to products are rare. The main disadvantage is the high price.

The best reusable ones – “Trusishka”

Trusishka has a range of products in the middle price range. The diapers have an outer layer made of polyester: it allows air to pass through, but does not allow moisture to pass through, so the baby’s clothes remain dry.

The inner layer of the products is different. In the “Panty-sided” it is made of microsuede, which allows moisture to pass into the absorbent layer without getting wet. In Trusishka-Soft, the inner layer is made of bamboo knitwear, which remains damp. This causes discomfort to the child, but it teaches him to potty train.

The size of the “Panty-siders” is adjusted using buttons. “Trusishka-Soft” diapers are made in the form of ordinary panties with an elastic band, and the products must be selected according to size: if the cuffs do not fit tightly to the body, leaks are possible. The manufacturer recommends using reusable diapers for children weighing 3-15 kg .

Users note that the fabric is pleasant to the touch and the diaper does not rub. But it is important to consider how often the child pees. The absorbency of the model is indicated on the product, and if it is not selected correctly, the panties may leak.

Budget reusable – Joyo Roy

Joyo Roy reusable panty diapers are designed for children weighing from 8 to 26 kg, with small sizes being harder to find. This is a budget option for those who want to potty train their child.

These diapers need to be changed frequently: they get wet on both sides and will not withstand more than one bowel movement from the baby. The diapers are made of cotton. The cut does not restrict movement, and the elastic bands on the legs stretch.

Parents like that the diapers do not leave puddles under the child and the skin breathes in them. Among the disadvantages , difficulties with choosing a size are usually noted , because you need to focus not only on the child’s weight, but also on his build. If, for example, the leg openings are large, the panties will leak.