Some best Computer monitors

Best for home – LG 27UL500, 27″

LG 27UL500 is well suited for working with text and images: the monitor supports 4K resolution – 3840 × 2160 pixels . It’s great to watch movies on or play  something nice and slow like Assassin’s Creed or Total War. The backlight does not flicker, there is an eye protection mode.

Thanks to the IPS matrix, color rendition is natural, but this is not a professional model: for  a higher-level 4K monitor you will have to pay at least 50 thousand rubles. There is a special HDR mode, but the brightness of 300 nits is not enough to fully support the expanded color gamut.

The screen refresh rate is only 60 Hz. However, at 4K resolution, most computers are barely capable of delivering at least 30-40 FPS in modern games, so more is not required here. There is adaptive synchronization.

But there are complaints about convenience. The stand cannot be adjusted in height, and  due to its small size, the monitor can fall forward if the table is shaken too much. But it does not take up much space, and for reliability, the screen can always be hung on the wall.

You can connect the monitor in any convenient way: modern HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 connectors are installed , both cables are included. The power supply is external – this is how the manufacturer has reduced the weight and thickness of the monitor itself, but the user will have to look for a place for a fairly large station somewhere under the table.

Best with a large screen – AOC U32E2N, 32″

The 32-inch AOC U32E2N monitor can replace a TV in a small room and is good for gaming and watching movies. It also copes well with work tasks: the fonts are sharp and smooth, you can open two or three windows at the same time for multitasking. And when working with tables, a lot of cells fit into one screen. Resolution – 4K.

The monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz, response time is 4 ms. There is Adaptive Sync. This is enough to comfortably play console games.

This is not the best monitor for professional photo or video work. The  VA matrix has high contrast, and the colors are saturated, but not very honest. Coverage of the AdobeRGB color space is only 77%, and sRGB – 104%, which is not enough for working with content. But movies and games look juicy, without any obvious blue or pink tint.

The viewing angles of  the VA matrix are also small – if you look at the screen from the side, the image will fade. But for its price, the AOC U32E2N performs excellently: large 4K monitors with higher-quality IPS displays cost  one and a half to two times more.

There is a good anti-reflective coating and eye protection functions: blue light suppression and flicker-free backlighting. The brightness of 350 nits is quite enough for a lit room.

The AOC U32E2N is a good example of a large monitor with a high-definition display, a high-contrast and rich picture, built-in speakers and eye protection options.

The Philips 275E2FAE looks great thanks to the thin bezels around the edges of the screen. They are almost symmetrical – the bottom one is slightly thicker than the others. With a 27″ diagonal, the resolution of the IPS matrix is ​​2560 × 1440 pixels , WQHD – standard Full HD is no longer enough for such a screen.

The screen is flicker-free and brightness is 350 nits, so you can work comfortably in a well-lit room. At the same time, the illumination is uniform: the specimen I tested did not have a single significant flare. For a non-professional monitor, color reproduction is good, the picture looks natural and rich.

Philips 275E2FAE is designed for watching videos, editing texts and amateur graphics work. At the same time, you can comfortably play most non-competitive games thanks to the 75 Hz screen refresh rate and support for FreeSync adaptive synchronization.

To connect devices, there are two HDMI 1.4 , one DisplayPort 1.2 and a headphone jack. There is no USB hub . The built-in speakers are very weak and almost devoid of low frequencies, so it’s better not to rely on them.

Acer Nitro XF243Y is one of the best monitors for gaming and work under RUB 20,000. An IPS matrix with natural color reproduction and fast response is installed here .

Most competing The selection includes only models up to 40,000 ₽. There are many more expensive options on the market, up to RUB 330,000, but they are intended for professionals and experienced users with high requirements for color rendering, brightness and refresh rate.m