Some best dryers for vegetables and fruits

In the list I left dryers that not only meet the above criteria, but have also proven themselves well throughout their existence: people buy them, give them high ratings, and in practice, with the exception of rare defects, they are reliable in use.

Hundreds of reviews in different stores and marketplaces, dozens of expert reviews, a DNS reliability rating and my rural background helped me select them: I know what my own garden is, three-liter jars with preparations and drying vegetables and fruits. The list included:

  1. Kitfort KT-1910.
  2. Rawmid Dream Vitamin.
  3. Kitfort KT-1908.
  4. Kitfort KT-1911.
  5. Marta MFD-8083PS.
  6. “Spectrum-Device ESOF Veterok-2”.
  7. “Rotor SSH-002”.
  8. Garlyn D-08.
  9. Kitfort KT-1904.
  10. Marta MFD-205PS.
  11. Vitek VT 5054.
  12. WMF Kitchenminis.
  13. Redmond RFD-0157.

Balanced option – Garlyn D-08

One of the most popular dryers in all the stores we follow. Users love it for its balance. For 5000 ₽ there is an optimal power of 500 W, which means the machine can handle a full load, eight collapsible spacious trays for main products and a separate one for marshmallows.

The trays are multi-colored and made of translucent plastic—the main advantage of this model. The top three are transparent and collapsible, the bottom five are darkened. Multi-colored levels are needed to calmly cook meat and fish on some, and other products on others, without fear that the smells will mix and you will confuse the trays with each other.

Some people receive a package in which all pallets are collapsible. And if you need additional ones for marshmallows, you can order them on the manufacturer’s website.

Collapsible trays will come in handy if you plan to prepare yoghurts. It’s easy to free up space in three stages: remove the non-separable trays, disassemble and leave the top three, and place the yogurt jars inside.

The fan is located at the bottom and drying is not always uniform. If you are preparing main products, do not forget to sometimes turn them over and change the trays. In addition, this will also affect the drying speed.

On average, it will take 7–9 hours to dry standard products like apples, pears or bananas . This model does not have a timer.

The dryer is lightweight, even with all eight trays installed, and the controls are simple. All the same power button and temperature regulator.

Cord – 1.5 m. This and Veterok-2 are perhaps the only dryers in the selection that were not criticized for their short cord. It’s very convenient if you take equipment to your dacha or country house.

Garlyn also has an extended warranty of an additional 12 months. You can get it on the official Garlyn website no later than three months after purchase. Simply enter the serial number and model of the product. I learned about this from the replies of a company representative to one of the buyers and checked – it’s true.

Garlyn makes a little noise. Compare for yourself: at the beginning of the video review you can hear the dryer making noise with the lid open, and at the end – with the lid closed. Doors in the kitchen need to be closed more tightly. Some people also complain that a model arrives with not very responsive buttons: first you need to press on them with all your strength. Finally, the trays are not very durable, and you need to carefully wash them of fat after meat or fish.

Budget – Redmond RFD-0157

One of the cheapest full-fledged dryers on the Russian market. Nevertheless, it is made with high quality: the characteristics meet our requirements, and in practice it performs well.

RFD-0157 has a round shape, a weight of about 2 kg and small dimensions, so it will fit well into a small kitchen, and anyone can lift it.

The height can be adjusted. The pallets are connected through grooves. You can arrange them randomly – then the height will increase and more workpieces will fit. But the power is only 250 W, which is enough for a small number of pallets.

The variety of foods that can be prepared is pleasing: not only vegetables, fruits and herbs, but also berries, mushrooms, pasta, cereals and even meat.

Like most dryers, there are five trays. Additionally – a tray for natural marshmallows. The design is collapsible, the pallets are made of heat-resistant plastic. They can be washed in the dishwasher at any time using conventional cleaning products.

The trays are transparent – it’s easy to monitor how the food is drying. They cook faster on the bottom, but the collapsible design allows you to swap trays or remove dried products and add new ones without interrupting the process. And in the same way, you can take breaks to let the fruit cool.

And also the pallets are darkened. This is important because otherwise fruits and vegetables oxidize when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

The trays are located one above the other – the ingredients do not mix. You can safely dry food at different temperatures. The trays are made in the form of a medium-sized mesh, with a hole in the middle that improves ventilation.