Some best multi-pressure cookers

Best – Cuckoo CMC-CHSS1004F

The multi-pressure cooker is made in South Korea and has a two-year warranty. Users note rich functionality. What sets it apart from other models is the presence of 77 programs, 28 of which are in pressure cooker mode, where you can adjust the pressure. When cooking is complete, the pressure is released automatically and the lid unlocks.

There are six controlled programs where you can set the temperature, time, and turn off the pressure. For accelerated cooking of rice and other cereals, there is a separate “turbo” mode. You can also set up your own programs, stored in the device’s memory, and launch the most popular ones with one button.

The power of the device is 1455 W, which is close to the maximum value for a 5 liter bowl. When the device is in heating mode and with the timer turned on, you can set the energy saving mode – it will save energy in standby mode. You can delay cooking a dish for a period from 30 minutes to 13 hours – this is less than many multi-cookers, but usually the start delay is done overnight.

In addition to touch controls, there is a voice guide: you can select a male or female voice and adjust the volume. The guide will tell you which buttons to press and when to put in the food. To avoid accidentally resetting settings or turning the device on or off, the touch buttons can be locked. And if you do not install the removable lid, the operation of the multicooker is blocked by the security system.

The device is easy to clean: the cover, screen, o-ring, pressure regulator, and steam absorber are removed. The steel bowl can be washed with ordinary detergents or in the dishwasher, and if the container does become unusable, you can buy it for 15,000 rubles. To remove odors, it is recommended to steam clean once every two weeks, and if used intensively, do it every week.

A cleaning kit is included. The brush and knitting needle help clean hard-to-reach areas. It also includes two containers for a steamer: a basket – a holey bottom with sides, a plate – a holey bottom with legs and without sides. With their help you can cook in two tiers. Also included is a measuring cup, a spoon, a removable screen holder, and a recipe book.

Alternative. Moulinex CE430832 has a large number of programs – 33 are automatic, 10 of which work in pressure cooker mode. This is a lot for a budget model, but in the reviews there are also many complaints about the “porridge” mode. You can save the last four cooking modes in the device’s memory.

Warranty – two years. Another multicooker-pressure cooker is slightly more powerful than Midea MPC-6002 . With the same bowl volume – 5 liters – it has a power of 1090 W.

It is difficult to find a bowl on sale, and it costs about a third of the cost of the device itself – 3100 ₽. Another drawback: steam is released only manually by pressing a button. You cannot regulate the pressure – only time and temperature. The package is also smaller: it includes a spatula, a steam basket, a measuring cup and a recipe book.

You can postpone cooking a dish for up to 24 hours – this is also longer than a number of other multi-cookers/pressure cookers at a similar price.

The bowl volume is 5 liters, and the power of 1100 W is optimal for the operation of the device. It is better to take care of it: there is a replacement for the bowl, but at the time of writing, its sales were discontinued.

The multi-pressure cooker is easy to care for. The interior of the bowl is made of Teflon and can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher. The lid, steam release valve and lid opening lock are removable and are recommended to be washed by hand after each use of the device.

Control type: electronic. When the pressure cooker is turned on, only the lid is locked; to unlock it, you need to release the pressure. It automatically returns to normal 10-15 minutes after the end of cooking.

How to choose a multicooker-pressure cooker

  1. Consider not only the total number of programs, but also the number of programs in the pressure cooker mode. There may be no point in paying extra for ones you  are unlikely to use.
  2. Keep in mind that the description indicates the total volume of the bowl, but the actual volume is  1.5-2 liters less.
  3. Notice how the pressure releases. It is more convenient when this happens automatically, but be prepared that the process may take longer than when descending manually.
  4. Learn the locking system. Typically, in pressure cooker mode, the lid will lock automatically, but sometimes you can additionally lock the touchpad to prevent accidental pressing. This is especially important if there are small children or elderly people in the house.
  5. See if the lid and other internal parts are removable – this will make the device easier to clean.

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