The best bone conduction headphones: how to choose and which ones to buy

The best option is Haylou BC01.

Bone conduction headphones differ from regular earbuds and wireless headsets in that they rest on your cheekbones and send a signal directly to the inner ear. In fact, in them the sound is not heard, but felt. With these headphones you can listen to music and at  the same time hear what is happening around you.

Bone conduction headphones do not provide powerful sound, quite the opposite. This is a cool thing for those who are constantly on the move: jogging, walking, or in the gym.

If you want to listen to music without extraneous sounds, you can use earplugs. Due to the nature of bone conduction headphones, music will still be heard through them.

Weight is the main criterion when choosing such headphones. If they weigh more than 40 g, instead of enjoying the music you will experience discomfort.

I talked with experts, read articles by experts, studied reviews on marketplaces, looked at reviews on YouTube and compiled a list of successful bone conduction headphones.

How we chose bone conduction headphones

I studied expert reviews, reviews on Ozone and Yandex Market, in the online electronics store DNS. I have identified from them important criteria that will help you choose a good headset.

Configuration and weight. The optimal weight for bone conduction headphones is up to 40 g. Other models are not suitable for long-term wearing.

Often the headband of bone conduction headphones is not adjustable. If it is large, a space will form between the head and the bow. The headphones will begin to cling to the collar or hood. But you won’t be able to use them while lying down. If the earpiece turns out to be small, it will put pressure on the top of the ears like glasses. Therefore, before purchasing, it is better to check whether the size is suitable .

Protection from moisture and dust. Most often, bone conduction headphones are used on the way to school or work, in the gym or subway. In any case, it is movement that is accompanied by sweat, dust or rain. To make your headphones last longer, it is better to choose models with a high degree of protection. It is denoted by the abbreviation IP and two numbers, where the first is an indicator of the level of protection against dust, the second – against water. The higher the indicator, the better the headphones are protected.

Let’s take IP54 as the minimum indicator. Headphones with this rating are not afraid of splashes and do not allow dust larger than 1 mm to pass through.

Connection method. A matter of personal preference. There are far fewer wired bone conduction headphones on the market. As mentioned above, such headphones are often used for sports, so wireless options are more common.

Microphone. The functions of headphones should not end with listening to music. They can be used for communication – to hear what is happening around and continue the conversation. To ensure that your interlocutor can hear you well, pay attention to headphones with microphone noise reduction, that is, a system that allows you to separate the useful signal and noise from extraneous sources in order to give priority to your voice.

Frequency range. Listening to music without the fear of being hit by a scooter, car, or passerby is the main advantage of bone conduction headphones. Despite this, I want to get at least not very loud, but high-quality sound.

But you shouldn’t focus only on numbers. It’s better to go to an electronics store and experience the sound for yourself.

Autonomy. The best option is headphones that work without a charge for six hours with continuous use.

Charger. We are considering models that charge in no more than two hours. It’s good if the headphones are charged with a common cable – Micro-USB and USB Type-C . If the manufacturer uses its own charging standard, which is also called proprietary, finding a replacement cable will not be easy.

Control. On wearable devices, buttons are more convenient than sensors.

Built-in memory. You can record music on headphones with built-in memory and listen to them without your phone.

Guarantee. You need to look not only at the warranty, but also at the availability of service in Russia.