The best built-in ovens: 7 successful models

The best option is Bosch Serie|6 HBJ558YS0Q. Budget option – Gorenje BOS6737E06WG.

Over the past 20 years, I have repeatedly visited the production of household appliances in different countries, assessed new products at the largest European exhibitions of household appliances, tested a dozen models myself and attended many master classes on cooking using appliances from leading manufacturers. The oven at home doesn’t sit idle: I bake and fry almost every day.

I studied the assortment of Russian stores and selected several models of electric ovens that stand out for their capabilities.

Selection criteria for electric ovens

This review looked at electric ovens with multifunctions. Multifunctional ovens are built-in ovens that, in addition to the lower and upper heating elements, have a fan with a ring heater on the back wall. Thanks to the operation of the fan, hot air is evenly distributed throughout the entire oven space. And the ring heater allows you to cook simultaneously on several levels of the oven: for example, you can safely bake pies on two or even three baking sheets at once.

Dimensions. We will talk about full-size models 60 by 60 cm with a depth of 54 to 60 cm.

Volume. In recent years, there has been a tendency to increase the internal volume without changing the external dimensions of ovens. Manufacturers began to compete with each other to see who could make the oven more spacious. Thanks to this, models with a volume of more than 70 liters no longer look surprising . In a large oven you can easily accommodate a huge turkey or suckling pig and choose from five or six baking tray levels.

The most spacious ovens in our review are Hansa BOES684097 and Gorenje BOS6737E06WG with a volume of 77 liters, the smallest is GEFEST EDV DA 622-04 A with a volume of 55 liters.

Ovens with a capacity of more than 70 liters received an additional point, but among the winners there are models with a slightly smaller volume that distinguished themselves in other categories.

Cooking modes. Ovens use different combinations of heating elements. Here are the main modes that are most common:

  1. Bottom and top heating – traditional, classic mode. Used for baking charlottes, cake layers, and pies.
  2. Bottom and top heating + convection – in this mode the oven heats up faster, hot air allows you to create a golden brown crust on meat dishes, blows the meat from all sides, and allows you to do without a spit. You can cook at a lower temperature – 20 °C less than in the traditional mode.
  3. Both upper heating elements + fan or grill + ring heater. Used for frying chickens, kebabs, steaks and so on.
  4. Small grill + fan – mode for small portions or long cooking. It is considered one of the most energy efficient.
  5. Large grill (combined grill) – operation of upper heaters: conventional, which is located along the perimeter of the upper wall, and infrared (grill), which is located inside. You can brown kupaty, sausages, and create a crust on dishes. The baking tray should be placed in the upper part of the oven.
  6. Ring heating + fan – in this mode you can cook on two or three levels of the oven at once.
  7. Ring heat + fan + bottom heat – this mode is recommended for cooking pizza.
  8. Fan + bottom heat – required for cooking dishes that require a higher temperature in the lower part. For example, for French meat , potato casseroles, and so on.
  9. Bottom heat – in addition to heating, it is needed for steam cleaning of the oven and cooking dishes in a water bath.
  10. Fan without heating – used to defrost food.

Some manufacturers offer additional operating modes that significantly expand the functionality of ovens. First of all, this is the ability to create optimal conditions in the oven for proofing the dough. In this case, the lower heater operates, but the temperature does not exceed 40 °C.

If the oven is equipped with a steam generator and allows you to connect steam in some modes, then you can prepare premium-quality dishes at home. Strudels with a crispy crust and soft filling, juicy meat with a golden brown crust – steam can work wonders. Professionals have been using it for a long time: in the best restaurants they cook in combi ovens.

We assessed the number of modes offered and the availability of additional features: using steam, operating at low temperatures, and so on.