The best convector heaters in our opinion

I included 10 convector heaters in the longlist, which combine the best characteristics according to the stated criteria.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S.
Smartmi Electric Heater 1S is the best in the smart home system.
Kalashnikov KVCH-E20E-11.
Brayer BR4882.
Redmond RCH 4535 is optimal.
“Resanta OK-1700”.
Thermex Pronto 2000M – budget.
NeoClima Fast 1500W
Scarlett SCA H VER31 1000 – for small rooms.
Marta MT-CH2452C – for large rooms.

Redmond RCH 4535

This convector is presented in the middle price segment and is optimal in power – 2000 W, that is, suitable for a room up to  20-25 m² . The heating power can be reduced to 1000 W. You can also set the temperature with an accuracy of a degree in the range from +5 to +35 °C: thanks to the electronic thermostat, the device will remember it and will maintain it at the  same level the next time it is turned on. Users praise it

but not everyone likes the stiff control buttons.

The device has protection against tipping over and overheating, and the button locking function will protect against accidental activation of the device by children. Thanks to the dust and moisture protection class IP24, it can be used in the bathroom. Additional functions include a timer that allows you to set automatic shutdown of the device for a period of 1 to 24 hours.

The model is suitable for both wall mounting and floor installation. Due to the wheels and low weight – about 5 kg – it is convenient to move it from room to room.

Alternative. Kalashnikov KVCH-E20E-11 costs a little more and differs from the previous model in the presence of a heating indicator and an air ionization function

Thermex Pronto 200M

Available in two colors – white and black. The device has good power – 2000 W, and there are also three options for adjusting it: 750, 1250 and 2000 W.

The device cannot be used to heat a bathroom, since the dust and moisture protection class is IPX0. But this convector has protection against overheating.

There are no additional functions, which is typical for budget models. This convector is intended for floor installation only; if necessary, it can be moved using the handle. Not all users are satisfied that the convector kit does not include bolts for attaching the legs

Alternative. The Resanta OK-1700 convector is more expensive with lower power – 750 and 1700 W, taking into account adjustments. But it can be installed in the bathroom: dust and moisture protection class – IP24. Rollover protection is provided.

The heater can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall – the mounting system is included. Thanks to the wheels, the device is easy to move from place to place.

Smartmi Convector Heater 1S

The model was created for a smart home system, and therefore works with the Mi Home application – you need to select the Russian region in the settings. You can schedule the launch remotely, for example, leaving the office, and come to a warm home. You can also adjust the temperature or turn off the heater through the app. The convector can also be controlled manually using the rotary levers on the body.

Three power adjustment options are available: 900, 1300 and 2200 W. The thermostat is electronic, the operating mode can be programmed. There is precise temperature control in the range from +16 to +28 °C.

As soon as the temperature of the heating element reaches +85 °C, the heater will turn off – this eliminates the possibility of fire. In addition, a heat-resistant coating is applied to the body. In case of a fall, the device automatically turns off. Dust and moisture protection class – IPX4.

The touch screen has three lighting modes – bright, dim and off, so that the device can be used comfortably at any time of the day. The screen displays temperature, humidity and preset shutdown time. Additional functions include a timer. You can delay the shutdown by  1-8 hours.

There are no wheels, although the convector is designed for floor installation. It is moved using handles that are built in on both sides.

Alternative. Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S, in addition to touch, provides control using voice commands. The Mi Home mobile application allows you to control the operation of the heater via your smartphone.

Maximum power – 2200 W. There is no manual power adjustment – the device itself decides how much power to heat the room. An intelligent control system maintains the set temperature: as soon as the air in the room reaches the set parameters, an automatic shutdown is triggered. And when the temperature drops, the heating will turn on on its own.

The convector is equipped with an electronic thermostat with six temperature levels – from +18 to +28 °C in steps of two degrees, as well as a shutdown timer with a time interval of  1-9 hours . Additional functions include air microcirculation.

In addition to the fact that the device is equipped with IPX4 moisture protection, it has an inclined side grille that prevents moisture from entering the power supply. And the dryer integrated into the heater allows you to dry clothes weighing up to 1.5 kg – for this you need to tilt it forward. There is protection against overheating and tipping over, and a child lock.